From the StarDance experience: Vodika showed a fun game and a tattoo, Marlek a flower on his head


In the Vstavit rooms, where StarDance takes place, things are going on again this time! Dancer Dominik Vodika (27) took off his clothes and showed off his cool game and the tattoos that adorn his body. Josef Marlek (41) did not go that far, although a piece of his chest could also be seen. But he concentrated on the lush bush, which he tucked into the masquerade. However, they did not allow themselves to be put to shame, even if they were together.

When Dana Batulkov, who had a lot of experience in StarDance years ago and in 2008 won the whole year with Jan Onder, put on the masks and the Athens, everyone, including Zdek Chlopek and the visitors Pavel Bauer, quickly came together.

The actress didn’t drink like that! In fact, a well-chosen box of chocolates in hectic times (and in the finale before and after them) will come in handy.

Dariji Pavlovi’s dance partner Dominik Vodika was not afraid of this and did not hesitate to take a picture of himself naked so that his female fans could drink on the day. Five times he showed his tattoo, of which he has quite a few.

Eva Adamczykov and Marek Adamczyk

Eva Marek Adamczyk

Manel Eva and Marek Adamczyk enjoyed their time together, but their paths diverged on the dance floor and each went his own way. They left separately even after the evening was over.

The Esk TV photographer had a lot of fun and gave stars. Which were they? See for yourself in the following photo gallery.

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