The author of Heavenly Love: The narcissists in the film are stupid and vindictive

The author of Heavenly Love: The narcissists in the film are stupid and vindictive
The author of Heavenly Love: The narcissists in the film are stupid and vindictive

Curtis was confessed on camera by his daughter Scarlett at the Cheltenham Film Festival. Not that I would want to publicly censor my own father. But in recent years, the growing criticism of the way women and people of color were treated in your film has appealed to him.

Curtis didn’t mind. He declared complaints about the weight of the actresses in the film Lska nebesk as stupid and out of place and said that he understood a lot thanks to the witness child, who is a feminist activist. I remember the moment Scarlett said to me five years ago, I mustn’t use the word fat. And yes, you were right. In my generation, it was funny to tell someone they were chubby, there were jokes about it, but nowadays they are not funny.

e is, for example, about Renee Zellweger, who was described as chubby in her role as Bridget Jones. The actress herself said in an interview for Vogue magazine in 2016 that she had never heard of it. Bridget is a full normal body weight and it was never clear to me why it was so bad, she said at the time. a male actor would not find himself under such scrutiny, she added.

Curtis expressed his regret that he did not have a black character in the movie Notting Hill, but he reveals that he did not want to hurt anyone in the slightest. He then boasted that he had cast a homosexual actor in his film Those Weddings and One Movement in 1994.

Richard Curtis m koeny in esk. His father was a refugee from Slovakia who immigrated to Australia and subsequently became a senior employee of the Unilever company there. Richard was born in Wellington, New Zealand and spent his childhood in Germany and the Philippines, before moving to Britain at the age of eleven and later studying at the University of Oxford. I blame my lack of progressive work on my friends from the university and the low diversity in the circle.

“Because of the lack of diversity in my film today, I feel uncomfortable and a bit stupid,” he declared last November. I change a lot with time, society changes me like that. So it is probably inevitable that some people will find my film outdated, he added.

Scarlett Curtis usually doesn’t hesitate to lean on her male feet. That’s why I’m such a feminist, I’m trying to make up for my father’s mistakes, she declares. Among his ancestors was the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud, who was his great-grandfather and whom he speaks of as a feathered sexist. However, according to his family, they did not talk about him.

Grandpa Clement had a rather complicated relationship with him, and none of us were allowed to talk about Sigmund in front of him, because he was obsessed with getting along without him in life. And she didn’t care at all, Scarlett said.

Curtis, who in addition to romantic comedies with snakes also wrote the series Black Viper with Rowan Atkinson in the lead role, has been with his wife for 33 years. In addition to Scarlett, we gave you children, sons named Spike, Jake and Charlie.

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