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The indomitable Vanda crosses the limit and threshold of Luďk’s house, moreover, during his absence. This will understandably upset Mr. Volák. Her next attempt at reconciliation turns into an argument full of regrets and cruel truths that hurt a lot. The people around Vanda agree that she should stop imposing herself.

When looking for a job, Vanda aims high

On Thursday morning, Blanka and Evžen will have nothing better to do than discuss the situation of Vanda and Luďek. They agree that getting drawn into their dispute would be a mistake. If Blanka had tried to persuade Luďek to forgive his wife, it would have had the opposite effect. Even Evžen doesn’t want to be a part of this prank.

Vanda is nevertheless determined to fight for Luďko’s favor by all means. Yes, he calls it a fight for love, while Jolana calls it wooing. According to her, her daughter should focus on finding her own home and a decent job. She would certainly work in nursing services here as well, when she was able to do so in Austria, but Vanda does not want to experience such hard work again. She confidently thinks about the position of secretary to some big businessman, although she is not qualified for anything like that. Luděk installed her in his chamber only because she was his wife.

Vanda resents that her mother underestimates her and insists on finding a prestigious and well-paid job.

In Austria she was independent, but here she hangs on everyone

Vanda goes to Luďek’s house again unannounced. But Evžen opens the door for her, who is there preparing to repair the pipeline. He’s not exactly thrilled with the idea of ​​letting her in without Luďk’s knowledge, but she insists that her husband promised her a job recommendation and that she’ll wait for him. She curiously explores the whole house, and when she discovers that Luděk bought a table that she chose herself, she is convinced that he still loves her. He wouldn’t buy it if he hated her, would he?

Vanda basically broke the engagement.
Vanda basically broke the engagement. | Source: TV Nova

As expected, Luděk will not be at all excited about Vanda’s sudden appearance. On the contrary, you put it in her face that she is incredibly rude when she dares to enter his barracks, on top of that she abuses Evžen. Vanda lets all the insults flow after her as if they were harmless drops of water and pours the wine with a smile, while Luděk completes her recommendation to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Vanda wants to chat with him, but the toast turns into reminders of old lies, deceptions and broken hearts.

When exactly did Vanda start lying to Luďka? Already after the engagement? At the altar? Did she really lose her engagement ring? But that’s all she reminds him that the ring wasn’t originally for her, but for Blanka. If she hadn’t rummaged around the apartment and climbed into Luďko’s drawer, she would never have had to discover him, he points out triumphantly, hurting Vanda quite a bit. He probably would never have proposed to her on his own.

Blanka and Maria also think that Vanda should stand on her own two feet.
Blanka and Maria also think that Vanda should stand on her own two feet. | Source: TV Nova

Evžen later finds Vanda sitting on a bench in a small street square he invites her home out of pity, where Blanka and Marie are talking about her at the time. Vanda accepts the invitation, thanks everyone for being nice to her, and asks them for more advice. How to get Luďka? But everyone agrees that she shouldn’t always impose herself on him and push him to the saw. She should focus on herself and finally find a job and a place to live – show her husband that she is independent and insecure.

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