After returning to Dopit, she tried on a wedding dress, she looked like a princess –

After returning to Dopit, she tried on a wedding dress, she looked like a princess –
After returning to Dopit, she tried on a wedding dress, she looked like a princess –

Source: collage Dvořák/With the permission of Agáta Hanychová


Ever since her former love Miroslav Dopita returned to Agáta Hanychová, the influencer has been smiling. She even wore a wedding dress. But female fans will not see the wedding of their favorite influencer. Hanychová wore them on the catwalk as part of the Moms with Cancer event, to which the beautiful brunette paid tribute. The editorial staff of was also there, and it must be added that Agáta could get married right away!

Agáta Hanychová walked the modeling catwalk after a long time. As part of the Moms with Cancer charity event, she decided to wear a wedding dress that she had last worn a long time ago. The last time she appeared in a white dress was at the wedding with Jakub Prachar, which took place exactly ten years ago. This time, however, she brought out a different model and it suited her very well at the benefit evening, as the editors of also noticed.

Agatha stood out among the other models. The white dress fit her perfectly. Hanychová herself looked like she was in her element again on the catwalk. She threw smiles at everyone and did not forget the strict look of the focused model. She hadn’t walked the modeling catwalk for a long time and it was clear that she was enjoying it.

Agatha laughs thanks to Dopit

In any case, recently she can also be responsible for her smiles Miroslav Dopita, who returned to her again. Now they are an old couple together. Even Agáta Hanychová’s children are more used to Mirek than they were, for example, to Jaromír Soukup. And even though Agát faces an unpleasant trial for her little daughter Rozárka, she does not show concern. On the contrary, she shone like a white star in her wedding dress. Is this a sign?

It probably wouldn’t be a surprise if Mirek and Agatha hit it off. They have known each other for many years, and even though it didn’t work out once, because they were quite wild and impulsive when they were young, now the waters have calmed down and things seem to be working better between them than before.

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