Scarlett Johansson explains the development of the Lisa AI app

Scarlett Johansson explains the development of the Lisa AI app
Scarlett Johansson explains the development of the Lisa AI app

Scarlett Johansson is not an official TV or app ambassador for Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar. It is about misusing the image and voice in advertisements. We are not taking the whole situation lightly and have taken the necessary first steps. Let’s deal with it with the very first means available to us, the actor’s lawyer Kevin Yorn told Variety magazine.

Advertisements for the application using artificial intelligence were seen by the user on social networks at the end of January. To create it, the creators used an old video of Johansson, shot for the movie Black Widow (2021) by Marvel. In the advertisements for the application, an artificially created voice of an actress was heard urging people to download the application, in which you can buy various kinds.

How are you guys? This is Scarlett. Try it with me. The Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar app isn’t just limited to avatars. Thanks to this, you can create your own images with texts. And even AI videos! I think you definitely shouldn’t miss it, said Johansson’s voice in the video. Below the ad it was written in small print: The images were created by the artificial intelligence Lisa AI. I have nothing to do with this hunter.

After the first photo of the actress was released, the ad was immediately stopped.

Tom Hanks went through the same situation a few weeks ago. He unwittingly became the star of Smile Bright toothpaste commercials. The creators of the video created a fake image of the actor with the help of artificial intelligence with advanced image generation technology known as deepfake. It allows you to create realistic images of people based on their existing photos or videos.

I’m really disgusted by the whole situation. I have never used this paste, nor have I approved the use of my name in advertising for this product. “I immediately contacted my primary, requesting that the ads be stopped and the code removed,” Hanks said at the time.

Deepfake is not new in marketing. In the past, for example, the likenesses of actress Jennifer Aniston, former US President Barack Obama or Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio have been altered.

VIDEO: Scarlett Johansson sues Lisa AI developers for abusing her likeness and voice in ads:

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