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It is known about the Princess of Wales that she can easily combine expensive, but also affordable pieces. Although she owns a lot of beautiful gowns from world designers, she also knows how to shop in regular chains.

She is a collector of pantsuits. She loves the silhouette of fitted jackets, which she owns in just about every color imaginable. He combines them both with matching trousers and more casually, for example, with jeans and sneakers.

Recently, her fiercely fashionable outfit consisting of a matching knitted skirt and a cream-colored sweater went viral. The midi skirt and sweater are from the French brand Sézane and are a pleasant blend of organic cotton and merino wool. The skirt costs CZK 3,190 and the sweater costs CZK 2,700.

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Princess Kate

Favorite colors

As for colors, Kate most often projects the colors that dominate the current season into her wardrobe. In autumn, therefore, she reaches for muted and warm color tones.

1. Dark Red: This rich and deep red wine color is one of her favorites. She often wears it in different variations, be it evening dresses, coats or accessories.

2. Emerald Green: The green color combined with the autumn leaves creates a wonderful contrast. Kate likes to choose it for various social events and royal events.

3. Caramel and Brown: These natural tones go well with the autumn colors outside. Kate often chooses coats and matching dresses in them.

4. Blue: Royal blue is another color worn by Princess Kate during the fall season. This color gives it freshness and elegance.

Coat upgrade: modern and comfortable pieces for the new season

Key autumn pieces

Princess Kate chooses fashion pieces that are tasteful and comfortable. Some of the key ones in her fall wardrobe include:

1. Coats: Princess Kate is known for her elegant coats. She wears them at various royal events and public appearances. Instead of oversized pieces, she chooses fitted ones that emphasize her slim figure.

2. Long Dress: Because of the strict protocol she has to follow, you won’t find short skirts and dresses in her wardrobe. Instead, Kate prefers to wear knee-length dresses, in midi or maxi length. She most often combines them with high boots or heeled pumps.

3. Heeled Shoes: Although Kate is quite tall (reportedly 175 cm tall), she likes to reach for high-heeled shoes. You will rarely see her in sneakers or moccasins on less formal occasions.

4. Accessories: In addition to bold jewelry, she also likes to wear handbags and scarves that complement her outfit.

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Autumn in the sign of trendy red

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