Nintendo is working on another movie, this time it will be a live-action Zelda


While the animated Super Mario Bros. in the film was created in collaboration with Illumination and grossed 1.36 billion dollars in theaters, a live-action film based on the motifs of The Legend of Zelda series is being prepared in collaboration with Sony Pictures. Both companies share in the financing, but Nintendo will put more than half of the money into the production, while Sony Pictures will take care of the worldwide distribution to cinemas.

Iconic game developer Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of many Nintendo brands, will supervise the quality of the film in the position of producer, together with Avi Arad. He worked on many hits, let’s mention the films Iron Man, Spider-Man: Across Parallel Worlds and Uncharted. Wes Ball, who has films from the Labyrinth series to his credit, will sit in the director’s chair.

“By producing the visual content of its brands itself, Nintendo is creating new ways for people around the world to access the world of entertainment that Nintendo has built, even through means other than through its dedicated game consoles,” Nintendo announced , which years ago announced its intention to expand beyond gaming and build a diversified Disney-style entertainment empire.

The Legend of Zelda series usually tells the story of the young hero Link, who tries to save Princess Zelda from the clutches of the villain Ganon. It’s likely that the movie will give Zelda a less passive role, just like Princess Peach in the Mario movie.

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