Hot Love Island: They indulged in intimacy in the love villa, now they are taking pictures topless!


After returning from Love Island, the heartthrob had to trade in swimwear for sweaters and jackets. But what individual couples did not have to forget even in the colder weather is their fun. That sexual tension between some couples could be cut is also proven by new bold photos that have taken social networks by storm.

Rachel and Claude were the first to show off their couple’s photo shoot, who didn’t wait for anything and stripped in front of the lens a few days after their return. Among other things, the wildest couple of this year’s series openly confided in the live broadcast that they made love in seven places in the villa of love.

“Bed, one bathroom, second bathroom, third bathroom, couch, balcony, planetarium and where Claude and I had our first date,” said the bronzed pair of Love Island’s third season, who posted amorous photos of the two posing topless on Instagram.

Rachel and Claude took bold pictures.

“These are already marriage-level photos. Otherwise they look perfect.” fan Sára said to the hearts.

“You are so beautiful,” added Nikoleta, who commented on their joint video, in which the pair are lovingly pressing each other. The red-haired beauty is wearing a black lacy bra with her nipples showing through.

Paulín and Honza also threw away their tops

Who else is not idle in this spirit are Honza and Paulína. The couple visited the famous photographer Tomáš Třeštík in Prague’s Letná. He has known Honza, his parents and brother for many years. They are neighbors and she even goes to visit them regularly with her children.

“Recently I registered that Honza from the joke was going to be on the reality show Love Island and although I didn’t watch it, I understood that he was taking it quite in stride, biased but very rational. In addition, he surprisingly met a really nice girl Paulina there, and I think it’s a nice relationship.” stated Třeštík on social networks.

Honza and Paulína on the balcony of Tomáš Třeštík’s apartment.

“Yesterday evening, they stopped for coffee at my place on Letná, so I immediately took a picture of them on the balcony… A little in the spirit of the competition, where, I think, they ran around half-naked or in swimsuits anyway. So let’s keep it working for them!’ Eva’s partner Decastelo added at the end.

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