Night with Van Damme: Vmola got the stairs wrong, Jgr moderated and Rittig remembered the wild party!


On Monday afternoon, the star actor Jean-Claude van Damme flew to Prague and on Tuesday evening he spoke about his life’s progress in front of his fans in the sold-out club SaSaZu.

The Belgian muscle man arrived at the company about an hour late. The moderator of the entire show, Marek Vaut, had to improvise a little on stage. Van Damme then went to a luxurious party, where only 14 other guests got to. Among them was, among others, MMA champion Karlos Vmola.

Right away, Van Damme told the fans that he was in Prague with his friends and that the Czech Republic made a big impression on him.

I’ve traveled a lot, but I’m moving back to this beautiful land, said Van Damme, who first entered the sky in the nineties.

A night with a legend

During the meeting with Mark Vaut, Van Damme harkened back to his childhood, when he started fighting sports. Back then, the karate chisel cost 100 dollars per 12 months. I had to wear a kimono revealed Van Damme, who, in addition to karate, also did ballet.

Jean-Claude van Damme

Many Czech personalities arrived at the event with the legendary actor of Belgian origin. In the shift, Karlos Vmola played with the right park Ive Rittig. They were sitting at the table with Tom Ortel and his wife.

Karlos Vmola and Ivo Rittig

Tom Ortel with his model

The popular fighter got into a very friendly relationship with his rival Attila Vgh in the club, with whom he fought in the cage under the head of the Octagon for five and a half years. The date of departure is not officially confirmed, but it will be five years, ekl Expresu Vgh.

Karlos Vmola and Attila Vgh

Vtinu asu Vmola insisted on the phone. He was texting with someone and left the message several times so that he could make a phone call in peace. Expres photographers then caught him coming out of the women’s toilets.

Karlos Vmola

The busy Karlos, who arrived this time without his girlfriend Lela, had his mobile phone to his ear again and probably didn’t realize that there was a sign of a character in a skirt hanging on the wall.

Karlos Vmola come out of the women’s stairs.

Karlos Vmola

The night with the legend was also attended by the phenomenal hockey player Jaromr Jgr, who sang without his partner Dominika Braniov.

Jgr chewed up signatures like a bcm dog and then tried out the role of moderator for the first time. On stage, the mole chatted with Van Damme, among other things, about hockey.

Jaromr Jgr

A night with a legend

It was fun with him, we managed everything! Rittig remembered the party with Van Damme

During the break, the club held a raffle with Van Damme autographs. One of the stars of the auction was without a doubt the businessman Ivo Rittig, who had food just a few years ago.

Rittig replied to the Expres editor that he and Van Damme have known each other since the 1990s and they have decided what to remember.

We met in 1996 to ride in the early morning rush hours and it was a lot of fun with him. We went crazy together for the first time. We managed everything Rittig scowled.

Ivo Rittig with the editor of Expres

Olga Lounov, for example, suddenly joined the viper auction, who shared a replica of the katana from the cult film Krvav sport for 60 thousand crowns. Then, satisfied with her hunting, she invited the photographers over.

Olga Lounov with a katana for 60 thousand crowns.

Check out all the photos from the event in the gallery. She will be interviewed soon on

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