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Lulu hit her back and wants to beat her up –

Lulu hit her back and wants to beat her up –
Lulu hit her back and wants to beat her up –

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Agáta Hanychová went for a walk. The popular influencer called Zdeňka Černá aka Lulu a hooker. The blonde’s reaction didn’t take long. She took on Hanychová on her social networks and she didn’t go far for insults and vulgarisms either.

Agáta Hanychová clearly follows the motto “what’s in the heart, what’s on the tongue”. She confirmed this in her new talk show on the portal, in which she and her brother Vincent address the causes that drive Czech show business. The influencer took on Zdenka Černá alias Lulu, whom she called a hooker.

“They wanted me to beat up that Lulu,” says Agatha. “Wait, you mean Lela?” asks Navrátil. “Not Lela, but Lulu. Lela is Karlos Vémola’s wife, while Lulu is Karlos Vémola’s hooker. Wait, I probably shouldn’t say that here,” Agáta took a dig at Zdenka Černá.

Featured Video: Interview with Lulu at the RedFace Gala.

Lulu hit Agatha back

The reaction did not take long. “Brush Agatha calls someone a brush? I haven’t laughed in a long time,” writes Černá on his Instagram. “Tell me the brush one more time and we’ll give it to each other in the cage for a fair deal, if you’re not pissed off, not just bullshit to journalists. I’ve already written to Mirek,” continues.

Agáta claimed in the talk show that the RedFace organization was supposed to offer her a million crowns for the match. According to Lulu, this is a flat out lie. “Of course, no one offered her a million. She just lies all the time. She once claims that the poor woman will calmly go to the cash register to support the children, and then she wouldn’t take the alleged offer of a million? That doesn’t rhyme very much.” continues to criticize Zdenek.

The blonde, who became famous as the lover of MMA wrestler Karlos Vémola, challenged Hanychová to a match a long time ago. “I would challenge Hanychová, because I’ve had a crush on her partner (Jaromír Soukup, editor’s note) for a long time. I don’t know her personally, but she posted something about me on Instagram since I publicly admitted that I like her partner, but I don’t need her anyway, so I’d go to the match.” she said in an interview for

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