Agta op perlila: She called Exmilenka Vmoly a lapdog. Then she scolded the fan for being too tall


Siblings Agta Hanychov (38) and Vincent Navrtil (26) have a new talk show, where they discuss the latest cases of Czech and foreign show business.

In the first, in order, for example, it covers the divorce of Tana Kuchaov, StarDance, Love Island, Britney Spears and what does Agta think about the preparation of her long-time partner Jaromr Soukup (54) in the organization Clash of the Stars.

Jaromr Soukup boxed seductively, and I would like to take part in a fight where sick people are fighting under him. They are the influencers who bring you down a little and myself, Agta said with a laugh, adding that blind people and dwarves are fighting in this project.

In this context, the influencer changed that she also received an offer to represent herself. They offered her 5 million to fight Lulu, who was linked to Karlos Vmola in the past. However, Agta rejected this tempting offer and put on the shoes of her former lover.

They wanted me to crush that Lulu to Agta. Wait, mind Lelu? ask j Vincent. Not Lela, but Lulu. Lela is the model of Karlos Vmola. Lulu was like that paw from Karlos Vmola. Wait, I probably shouldn’t be here Agta muttered to Zdeka blackly and added, let’s get together with Nela Sloková.

Zdenka ern alias Lulu

The reaction of Zdenka ern alias Lulu did not take long to surprise. Aunt Agta, whom do you call aunt?! I haven’t laughed in a long time said Lulu on her instastories.

Come on, tell me, dad, and blow it up in the cage for a while, if you’re not crazy about it, not just newspaper bullshit. I wrote it to Mirko, she continued on Instagram with the fact that she offered Agta millions to be interesting. I will save J with another ex Karlose – let yourself be surprised the silicone blonde told her fans.

Agta insulted the moderator of rdia

But that’s not the case. In the comments, Agta attacked RockRadio host Lenka Enkov, who criticized the new arrangement. This is all such a comedy. All those celebrities make me want to cry!! Who cares about the space, from which our generation of children took a role model! Stop this disgusting hummus, where people only attack each other, where people smile at each other in public, where life is completely without mistakes, where without silicone, no one would be interested in a regular bun… I’m really sorry… Sorry. From this embarrassing company, wrote enkov.

This is how Agta Hanychov reacted to the criticism of RockRadio moderator Leona enkov.

Written by leona official with 2 thousand followers and she is following. :)) I’m sorry, I’m going crazy when I lift up said Agta Enkov, who has a visible full swing.

With this scathing remark, Agta hit the sheep hard. The fans clearly took the side of the moderator. Influencers said that there are mistakes in humility and self-reflection, and that you should not judge people based on weight. In the end, Agta preferred to delete her comment.

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