Stvka in Hollywood con. The actors agreed with the study, me se teat

Stvka in Hollywood con. The actors agreed with the study, me se teat
Stvka in Hollywood con. The actors agreed with the study, me se teat

leno union peruili work in half of the year. In addition, they demanded a minimum wage based on income from streaming services and protection from being replaced by digital replicas created by artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the union, negotiators have previously agreed on a new contract with the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP), i.e. an association consisting of major studios, streaming services and production companies. The breakthrough means that Hollywood will be able to start full production for the first time in May, once the film union agrees to ratify the agreement in the coming weeks.

The actor’s protest, similar to the case of screenwriters, is related to the salary conditions of work for streaming services, which according to the artist are significantly higher than in traditional television productions. Behind both things are concerns about the replacement of human work by content generated by artificial intelligence. Actors worry that studios could manipulate their likenesses or replace human actors with digital images thanks to AI advances.

The representatives of the scnrist trade union were struggling to write the script at the end of the year. Due to the continued absence of actors, many productions were still without work. According to an estimate by the Milken Institute, the period of work in Hollywood, California, cost about US$6 billion (K138 billion).

Peruen’s work in Hollywood prompted television stations to fill their fall broadcasts with reruns, reality shows and reality shows. The film studio then had to postpone the premieres and therefore a number of films, including the film Dune: the Second, the latest work Mission: Impossible and the animated remake of Disney’s Snhurk classic, reported Reuters.

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