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We gathered at Marvels in surprisingly large numbers. Not because we are looking forward to it, but rather out of curiosity, how long the long-delayed girls’ team game actually turned out, if it will really be as miserable as the previews suggested to some, or if they are behind the impending failure (which is inevitable anyway ) doesn’t hide a good movie after all, which Marvel has been missing for a really long time (if we don’t count James Gunn’s swan song). Result? Judge for yourself…

As Mr. Hunger:

Probably no one expected a really important or good Marvel movie, so there is no way to talk about disappointment in the case of Marvels. It’s a loss, quite big in some ways, but on the other hand, so likably traditional. That said, there are elements that work (action scenes, the occasional central trio), elements that don’t (obviously a lot of editing and scenes where the heroines are simply talking are missing) and moments when it becomes a slightly bizarre spectacle . On the other hand, after the almost aberrant fourth Thor and the completely dysfunctional Ant-Man, it is a certain return to the waters of traditional comic book blockbusters.

It didn’t work out, but at least I get the feeling from Marvel that the studio understood that individuality is pleasing, but it has to be handled with care, so it started to slow down. And despite the fact that Marvels got a kick out of it, I actually left the cinema with the feeling that next time these superheroes could stand on more sure footing. On the other hand, it’s sad that I’m glad that Marvels is just a bad movie and not a totally unmastered and uncoordinated author’s vision. You don’t have to see it, though, unless you’re the target — in this case, a thirteen-year-old girl — or a militant cat fan.

As Rimsy sees it:

Is This Cinema? Marty and I will agree and we can safely say no. Marvels is a different Marvel than what we have been used to in the last decade. This is not a major event that you should not miss in terms of viewing experience or importance to the development of the cinematic multiverse; rather, in its simplicity, impetuousness and naivety, it’s almost like an old-fashioned comic book – a fast-paced relaxation with which you can kill an hour and a half in the cinema and you don’t want much from it.

At this point I don’t know if it’s good or bad. The pointlessness and banality of the main story line about (surprisingly) saving the universe and the more subtle line about the need to correct the character flaws of the main character must have been clear to the creators, so they diluted the plot with two sequences bordering on self-parody. How seriously can the viewer take a film that doesn’t even take itself seriously?

The heroic trio is quite nice, the effects are not as ugly as we have seen in the last few comic books (although mainly from the DC workshop) and their prickly, would-be funny dialogues will hopefully entertain the target audience of teenagers a little. It freezes mainly a weak villain and a plethora of pseudo-physics bullshit, trying to hide the indisputable fact that the characters can do anything at any time. But most of all, I feel sorry for all the poor people who honestly watch all the Marvel series only to see the characters being exploited in “shows” like this one.

As Spooner sees it:

I got what I expected in a way. And he was afraid of it too. The Marvels is essentially an undemanding comic wash for 13-year-old girls, where there still has to be some action, infantile jokes, Ms. Marvel has to be hysterical about it, and to top it all off, we get a ton of kittens. Yes, having a poster of Taylor Swift on the wall at home and having Cool Girl among my favorite movies, I guess I’m satisfied. But fortunately, I’m not that bad yet, so all I saw in front of me was a completely dull Marvel movie, which with its “experience” reminded me of a consumer Netflix movie in which no one actually tries very hard. It’s just that something has to be filmed quickly and expensively in order to get it to cinemas/stream. And the result suggests it.

The action during which the individual heroines take turns is actually quite nice and serves its purpose, it works between the central trio and the final scene made me quite happy. But in addition to that, we also get some hellish scenes where you won’t know if Feige wants to kill you anymore. In many passages, we are then faced with editing and screenwriting problems, in which some scenes do not logically follow each other and you will have no idea how the characters ended up in the designated place. In short, it is a film where it goes to neutral and does not attempt anything fresh or revolutionary in terms of genre. And that’s enough for Marvel at this stage for some mysterious reason. On the other hand, it’s more tolerable than the third Ant-Man, which made me want to puke for the entire footage. Here I only had the urge to blink decently a few times.

How he sees it to_From:

Marvels are a comic book movie, after which one can perhaps appreciate X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And I generally consider it to be really unwatchable and, above all, unjudgmental misery. But the lack of judgment is what Marvels has in common with this cursed spin-off. The film is not badly shot, it doesn’t have bad acting (except for the main villains, that was a miss), I would even dare to say that it has good action and, after a long time, quality CGI again. At least compared to the third Ant-Man or the last series. But the script…

As an idea to build an entire sequence on a foreign planet, the nation’s language will be singing, it will be ruled by a prince, and one of the main characters will do a duet with him in addition to a dance number. UF. I just don’t need to see this, and I dare say neither do most of the other viewers. Personally, I’ll be fine with the focus on teenagers (which is coming whether you want it or not), after all, Kamala is the best character in this movie for me, and I also have no problem with movies about female superheroes (I’d quite like to see Scarlett Witch solo sometime, certainly not in the near future years), but where on earth has the focus on characters gone? Where did some real problems disappear, something that connected me as a viewer to the heroes?

I don’t mind space adventures and expanding the mythology at all, but at the core it just has to have a story that can’t be solved in five minutes like here. In this regard, maybe Ant-Man was a little better thanks to Kang, but as a result, both of these films can hold hands as the worst representatives of the MCU so far, because they don’t tell you anything about the characters, it’s just a bunch of attractions stuck together with zeros effects on anything. I don’t begrudge Marvel the hole he dug himself, but unfortunately Marvels definitely won’t help him dig himself out of it rather the opposite.

Expect a review in the next few days.

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