Roman Vek: Young, don’t want to be a nudist, you need signs

Roman Vek: Young, don’t want to be a nudist, you need signs
Roman Vek: Young, don’t want to be a nudist, you need signs

I am actually the last person who has an active profession as an announcer, Roman Vek, who used to speak for his radio station.

In 1989, he worked as a TV presenter on Slovak Television. He had to give up his punk style because of it. He appeared on the screen until 1998 and had a lot of female fans. In addition, he worked on Slovak radio. Then he went on a trip abroad, and after his return, the Czech audience could only hear from his voice. He does not miss the glory of the city.

I don’t know if anyone knows. I hope not. I know, even at this time I wouldn’t want to be popular. That km with full responsibility and vm, for that km. Two popularity was very mil and ptelsk, there was no boulevard, described in the past Age.

The fans could put him in the cell of his body. It is a confession of nudism. “I’ve been doing nudist sex for about 40 years, and in that adult age I’ll help you both in the bar where the beer is,” explains Vek.

He also remembers the time when nudists were not allowed to go to bed, but they were not specifically persecuted for nudism in our country. I remember the 80’s, and it was always such a party somewhere on the outskirts of the town, and they announced that Public Security was coming, so everyone got dressed. The policemen drank, checked that everything was in the pod, and left again, I remember.

I give preference to nudist pools also because they are located in nice places and have been maintained for a long time. Nudists take care of those places where you sunbathe and spend a lot of time. They were always the nicest people. When there was a lake somewhere and there was both, that is, a textile and a nudist beach, the nudist beach was especially nice.

In the process of asu nudist ubv. There aren’t many young nudists, he complains. It is proof that young people are not nudists, because you need to wear a sign and you are naked, he explains.

I can be bored because they are free-spirited. And I would say that this is one of the last places where today you can really find a group of people who want to be together, who want to make fun, who want to make a joke. We have you on New Year’s Eve, we have sports events, sports games, we have a sex sign, sexeso, let Vek look into the background of this subculture.

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