Logomania is back in fashion again


Logomania in fashion refers to the phenomenon where logos and brand symbols are prominently displayed on clothing, accessories and footwear. This trend emphasizes the brand, whether through large, striking logos or a repetitive design that forms a pattern.

Logos experienced the greatest fame in the 80s and 90s. It was then that fashion designed for physical activity and especially fitness was born. Sportswear manufacturers liked to use the potential of gaining new clients thanks to a distinctive logo.

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Coat, C&A, CZK 1,700. Sweater, H&M, CZK 4499. Pants, C&A, 633 CZK. Ring, Tous, CZK 2,869. Earrings, Tous, CZK 2869. Shoes, Högl, 5799 CZK

The growing consumer lifestyle and the economic boom in the United States of America also contributed to the logomania trend in the 1980s. It was then that the term was born the yuppie generation, a designation for young Americans focused on careers and luxury. At the time, it was fashionable to emphasize possessions to reflect high social status. This trend was also reflected in clothing. The easiest way was to demonstrate a unique concept of luxury through fashion, where the logo of a well-known brand is clearly visible.

Designer Jan Černý presents a new brand and collection

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Gucci brand show

This year, patterned logoed pieces are especially worn. You can choose between tracksuits, sweaters, and coats. Distinctive handbags with logos look great, and they stand out best in combination with a simple, elegant outfit. Patterned pumps or perhaps sunglasses will do the same. You can make an elegant winter coat special with a stylish scarf with intertwined logos of your favorite fashion brand.

Photo: company archive

Scarf, Loewe, CZK 12,000. Pumps, Versace, CZK 18,300. Handbag in the middle, Guess (sold by Zalando), CZK 3,899. Glasses, Burberry, CZK 5550. Handbag on the right, Gucci, CZK 28,799.

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