Divorcing Kate because of a lover? William without a suitor!


This year, at least in the media world, is another ordeal for the royal couple. From the very beginning, there has been speculation whether Prince William has a lover with whom he was even supposed to spend this year’s St. Valentine’s Day. As reported by the Marc server, it is supposed to be Sarah Rose Hanbury, who has been close to both of them for years, even more so to the princess Kate.

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As soon as the mentioned website published the article about the alleged infidelity, it became scandalous news number one. But the infidelity between Prince William, who was considering suing for defamation, and the wife of the seventh Marquess of Cholmondeley was never confirmed.

However, the clouds over Prince William and Kate Middleton did not evaporate. It is impossible not to notice that his left ring finger is not adorned with a wedding ring. As the website proženy.cz wrote, the princess, on the other hand, wears a ring made of Welsh gold, which Queen Elizabeth II gave the prince before his wedding day in 2011. Only Kate received the ring during the ceremony.

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William did not accept the ring as a seal of marriage. The reason, according to the Mirror newspaper, is that he himself does not like to wear jewelry, so he did not want to make an exception even in the event of a wedding. However, they had agreed in advance with Kate, so even in this case it is not about anything that should harm their relationship.

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