There could be more new Beatles songs, says director Jackson


But now director Peter Jackson, who has had access to the Beatles archive for some time, is changing things up a bit. They are talking about the fact that more new songs of the Liverpool band could be released.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Jackson says he can imagine a few more new songs. He notes that there are one or two started tracks in the archives that could be completed.

Their outlines were supposed to have been created during the preparation of the Beatles album Let It Be, and Jackson discovered them in the hundreds of hours of film and sound material from which he was putting together the film Get Back, which premiered in 2021.

The last Beatles song is released

“We could take those ideas, keep John Lennon and George Harrison, add Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, add a choir or more harmonies and it could be a decent song. But I haven’t talked to Paul about that,” Jackson said. “It’s definitely real.”

It was Peter Jackson who provided the Beatles demo tape, from which Now And Then was created, the necessary modern technology to bring it to final form. Paul McCartney oversaw everything at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, where the melancholy loops that accompany it were recorded. Until the end, the orchestra members were said to have thought they were recording passages for McCartney’s solo album. The creator of the orchestration is Giles Martin, the son of the producer of the original Beatles recordings, George Martin.

The touching song, which Beatles fans call John’s love letter to Paul, is enriched with a slide guitar solo, characteristic of George Harrison. McCartney recorded them as a tribute to him. Additionally, he and Ringo Starr sing backing vocals on the chorus.

The four-minute video that Jackson made for Now And Then features archival footage from the Beatles’ glory years, behind-the-scenes footage of Now And Then’s 1990s production with Harrison, as well as sessions from 2022 and 2023. Photos of Paul and Ringo from this year mingles with the laughing Harrison and Lennon of the sixties.

Artificial intelligence finished the Beatles song. It will be released this year

Ringo and McCartney are recording with the Rolling Stones, writes the paper

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