Relationships at freezing point. Prince Harry sent his father a contemptuous message

Relationships at freezing point. Prince Harry sent his father a contemptuous message
Relationships at freezing point. Prince Harry sent his father a contemptuous message

Relations in the British royal family are still strained, and Prince Harry’s latest moves indicate that no improvement is on the way anytime soon. Not only did Harry not come to his father’s birthday party, he sent him a snide message.

​Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. it’s been over a year now, and if fans of the monarchy were hoping the sad event would bring the family closer together, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Prince Harry’s latest steps show that he is apparently not interested in improving relations with his relatives.

The most recent thing that caught the attention of fans is the video posted by the prince on the occasion of Veterans Day. In the video message, Prince Harry is not wearing the coronation medal awarded to him by King Charles III. At the same time, he has other awards, The Sun newspaper points out.

In the video, which the prince filmed at his home in California, he was wearing a medal for his service in Afghanistan and three medals from Queen Elizabeth II, which he received on the occasion of her golden, diamond and platinum jubilees. But the medal from his father was missing. The prince, like other guests, received this on the occasion of the king’s coronation this year. The medal depicts the king and his wife Camilla.

​Experts also draw attention to the timing of the video’s publication. King Charles III he had an important speech in Parliament this week and Harry’s brother William was off to Singapore for the Earthshot Prize. “Harry has done a lot for veterans, but this timing is not accidental, because the Sussexes know what they are doing. It gives the impression that they want to get attention,” thinks royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams.

Harry won’t be coming to the birthday party

There was also news earlier in the week that Harry had no plans to attend his father King Charles III’s 75th birthday party. The celebration with close family and friends is to take place on the King’s birthday, Tuesday 14 November. The information that Harry refused to arrive from the United States of America was brought by the Sunday Times.

The next day, Harry and Meghan’s spokesperson clarified this news. Harry said he didn’t turn down his father’s invitation because he didn’t receive one. “In response to reports from the British media, we are reporting that there has been no contact regarding an invitation to His Majesty’s upcoming birthday. It is disappointing that the Sunday Times misreported this story,” he told The Messenger website.

See how Harry celebrated his birthday in September:

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