Has Marvel hit a new low? The new film literally buries the brand alive

Has Marvel hit a new low? The new film literally buries the brand alive
Has Marvel hit a new low? The new film literally buries the brand alive

The film Marvels about female superheroes from Marvel has just arrived in cinemas. Unfortunately, its shameful qualities reflect a larger problem with the studio.

Someone expected them to be Marvels a good movie? After watching the first previews, not really. It is difficult to blame one specific person for this. Director Nia DaCosta, who previously made a successful remake of the horror film Candymanis not to blame for the flimsy script of a man who previously made two episodes of the series, made one short film and produced a podcast.

Why wasn’t the film written by someone far more experienced with more films under his belt? Because, firstly, the studio would have to pay him more, and secondly, the person in question would very likely have his own ideas about how the film should look and what it should be. Which doesn’t sit well with Marvel twice. However, let’s go back to the beginning. Yeah, to the very beginning.

Short opposite

If we do not count the experiments with the Hulk, the first idea for a connected Marvel universe was born only with the film Iron Man from 2008. However, the studio was well aware that it had to tread very carefully, as nothing like this had been attempted before. Initially, the individual Marvel films focused only on the given heroes. And that properly – their psyche was dealt with, as well as their physical capabilities. The plots had a head and a heel and the story, although largely following some templates, mostly entertained the audience. And the more superheroes appeared on the big screen, the more fun it was.


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September 24, 2023 11:00 AM

WITH Avengers: Endgame then came a clear peak – not only in terms of how many characters you could fit on the screen without it bursting, but also in terms of sales. In short, Marvel found itself at the top and it seemed that no one and nothing could stop it. And then came the expansion.

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