Ridley Scott has finally started preparing a brutal western from S. Craig Zahler


Ridley Scott is not slowing down, and while his wartime Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix is ​​slowly but surely heading to cinemas, these days he himself is busy not only with editing the second part of Gladiator (of which there is still a bit left to finish), but apparently also with choosing locations for your next movie. He revealed this in a new extensive interview with The New Yorker magazine, where, among other things, he stated what kind of film it will be. And fans of S. Craig Zahler are probably cheering now.

Scott stated that he was looking at places where he could film his long-awaited western. How long? The first mention of him was already in 2016, when Variety wrote that the director of The Alien or Blade Runner had signed on to adapt the brutal western novel Wraiths of the Broken Land by Zahler. At the time, Drew Goddard was supposed to write the script for it, we will probably find out soon how it turned out, but in the meantime no other western was mentioned, so it is very likely that this story will be the one.

Me and my colleague Mr. We read the book hungry, and I think I speak for him when I say that it is an absolutely wonderful dark story that definitely deserves a film adaptation. Although I’m a little afraid that the plot of the book is too bad for today’s studio system (and maybe Ridley himself), so I wouldn’t be surprised if there were compromises and a reduction in the level of violence. Personally, I hope that doesn’t happen, because evil in Zahler’s novels always has its justification, but I prefer to temper my expectations.

The plot revolves around two sisters who end up in Mexico sometime in the early 20th century, captured by a ruthless magor and his gang running an exclusive brothel. Their two brothers, together with their father, an Indian tracker, a former slave and a tough gunslinger in the role of strategic team leader, set out to rescue them. Of course, it won’t go completely according to plan, but I won’t write anything else, but I really recommend the book.

Goddard already worked with Scott on The Martian, in any case, the 85-year-old director could start shooting a western as soon as he finishes work on the Gladiator duo with Paul Mescal and Denzel Washington.

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