Fly over the cuckoo’s nest

Fly over the cuckoo’s nest
Fly over the cuckoo’s nest

Two original projects presented in world premieres. Two adaptations of movie hits. esk psychological drama. And world music. This is the menu that the Municipal Theater in Kladno will serve to the audience until the end of the fifth year. The ensemble has remained stable since the end of the season, and I am glad that the guest house managed to find actors who have played in Kladno in the past, such as Zdek Velen or Veronika Svojtková, artists of the Jaroslav Slnsk Theater.

Did the theater bet on an English element this time?

We wanted to pay tribute to him. And it resulted from the title seeded for this season. Offer this strong female role.

Will the musk st file be idle?

Of course not. Thus, there are many interesting roles for him in the productions of Cell, in which he can find practical use as an artist.

The whole store

Last season you presented est premiers. The same poet is prepared for this season as well. is it death

I remember the times when the theater had twelve premieres. times have changed and we don’t want to be a consumer theater that churned out one title after another. six premieres per season is an ideal poet who meets the demands of the audience and the needs of the theater. In addition, it is two against two for a little more time to test new characters.

Can you read individual premier titles?

The comedy Nadeny, directed by Jozef Hugo, is a pair of author’s performances, which premiered at the same time as the play Ppad Sherlock. Let’s enter the program for myself. The production of Untouchable directed by Jiho. We first introduced Hjko in June. I’m a little worried that this is an adaptation of the famous French film of the same name, or that it is based on the excellent book Druh dech. And with the two main characters, the first book, not the film version, was made in our country. In December, a play based on Forman’s film The Pelet over the Cuckoo’s Nest will premiere. It fully complements the meaning of the Czech psychological drama Ucho v norov premiere, and so the world of musicals is on the way.

How did you manage to cast the role of the deaf-mute Indian giant Bromden in Pelet over the Cuckoo’s Nest?

This figure has its size mainly in philosophical dimensions. The audience will probably be wondering if a giant will appear on stage, but he won’t. We hired the excellent actor Zdek Velen for this role. And anyone who knows the play knows by now that he is not a completely deaf character. U is very dark about her personally.

Nadeny’s presentation is unusual in that it takes place in the dark. Access to the lookout is allowed with assistants and guide dogs, so open yourself up to the invisible wild…

Yes. With this production, we wanted to offer even blind people the opportunity to perceive the theater space. It’s extremely interesting, focusing much more on the text than on the visual form of the game. Pay it of course even after seeing the girl. Cooperation with the Svtluka organization is absolutely essential, with which we will find out how to be a wild person with a visual impairment so that he will not be forgotten. They were drinking at the premiere and I noticed very positive feedback from them. At the premiere, we used modern technology, when in the moments when the show was written, information about what was going on was delivered through specialized interpreters to the blind.

You were the director of the last premiere of the famous musical “Uma Na Stee”, which was about the joys and sorrows of a Jewish family…

Don’t worry about working with the whole ensemble and guest actors. Again we will have, at least I hope, a production with live orchestra. On the one hand, it is rather complex and expensive, on the other hand, it is a wildly unforgettable experience. The musical evokes a beautiful, inner atmosphere. And the great advantage of the Kladno ensemble is that its members are not only talented in acting, but also in music and movement.

The music on the scene is nothing short of wild, that’s for sure.

Yes, the musical element until once a season or a season and pl theater mrnc. In terms of dramaturgical content, it will not match the classical musical for the time being, but the music presented in it is very likely to succeed again.

How satisfied are you with nvtvnost? Are people looking for a way forward again after the difficult covid situation?

I expected a long and complex analogy in this direction and I am pleasantly surprised that it is not so. No, but it’s the same. I know from my colleagues that, for example, some theaters have no need for girls, while others fight for each of them. This is the net of positive theater. I’m glad that we have an increase in membership and number of subscribers. We have increased income only slightly, well below the inflation mark. We try to go wild. To those who demand a conservative approach to our productions, but also to those who take it easy.

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