Shocking celebrity revelation: They visit really strange places

Shocking celebrity revelation: They visit really strange places
Shocking celebrity revelation: They visit really strange places

Blue Style Experts on the go are back. The travel show, with which you will definitely not be bored, starts a new season. In the last one, among other things, we took a look behind the scenes of the celebrities who revealed where they were going on vacation and some of them even took us with them.

We interviewed celebrities and found out their travel desires. “Not much to do, some sea, food and boredom. That’s what I want. Even massages,” revealed the star of the Sex O’Clock series Petra Bučková. “I wouldn’t mind massages either. The sea, all inclusive, friends and family,” Bučková’s serial son Maxmilián Kocek described how he imagines an ideal vacation.

“I prefer to ride in the heat. I’m quite an action type, so I like experiences, but they don’t necessarily have to be sights. I like amusement parks, I often go around Europe, so I only go directly to those amusement parks. But I also like to be lazy, I choose a destination where I can lie in a resort and enjoy myself,” said actress and model Anna Kadeřávková.

Ondřej Havel, the presenter of Snídaně and the star of the Ulice series, shared his journey to exoticism in the Blue Style Experts on the Road show. He went with his partner Bára to the anti-legends for a few weeks. “We took a trip to the other side of the world to Australia. We had a very adventurous time. We rented a motorhome, we both drove it for the first time in our lives. You basically take the whole living room with you on wheels, it’s a great experience,” the couple described.

The ability to pack well for travel is also an art in a way. “I like traveling with a backpack when possible. Here, backpacking doesn’t require much preparation, it takes me maybe three minutes to pack. Things that require more preparation take longer for me than for a normal person,” he described his packing style Mirai replied that he had started packing for the trip to Japan ten days before her.

Moderator Renáta Czadernová often chooses hotels based on the number of stars. “I choose a hotel that is of a certain level. For example, 4-star or 5-star, because I don’t want to shield myself in the bathroom or the toilet. It is important for me that there is a beach near the hotel. And since I have two little girls, it is essential for me to have animators on site,” she pointed out.

Motherhood also affects the travel of other star parents. “Given that I’ve been a mom for two years now, my priorities have changed. What hasn’t changed is that I like to go to places where there’s a lot to discover. I can’t stand just lying on a sunbed for a week and getting fried from all sides, I need a little more action,” described Zorka Hejdová.

But Tomáš Zástěra has it a little differently. “I choose my dream vacation based on who pays me. The last time I was like this was in Survivor,” said the presenter with exaggeration.

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