Tara’s popularity quickly declined. His videos are of no interest to anyone, his daughter is the star

Tara’s popularity quickly declined. His videos are of no interest to anyone, his daughter is the star
Tara’s popularity quickly declined. His videos are of no interest to anyone, his daughter is the star

Taras Povoroznyk, better known as Tary, has been active on social networks for many years and over time has become one of the most popular Czech YouTubers. He became famous for his videos about parkour, which he later taught his daughter. Although he was always controversial, the fans loved him. It seems that many of them will take care of it.

He made his first video twelve years ago, and since then his work has changed a lot. He first uploaded videos about parkour and taught his fans new tricks on YouTube, later he also started showing experiences from his life. He started to become more popular because of that, and thanks to that he was able to start his own parkour team, which he soon essentially cultivated entirely.

His work on social media is carried out all the time by his partner Sta, who uploads it to YouTube. Both of them were able to document their wedding as well as their marriage. Before the birth of their daughter Ariana, they were both convinced that they did not want to see her at home. After she was born, they hid her around for several months, so it seemed that she was behind that dog day. The opposite was true and soon Ariana became the main star profile on the wall of both families.

Povoroznyk came under fire for several years because of Ariana’s statements and general private family life. A lot of people think that they have a daughter just to spend on him. However, it seems that the content connected with Sto and especially with Ariana is the only one that captures the girls. The viewership of his channel has been dropping at a fairly high rate lately.

It hasn’t even been a year since Povoroznyk had millions of views on YouTube videos. Last year, the dog even earned twenty-one million crowns thanks to me. He started various challenges with which he tried to entertain his fans, vlogs, videos from the household and his daughter. Nothing different from what you do. His work has not changed in essence. The only difference is that at that time his videos were watched by half a million users, that’s barely tens of thousands.

The daughter of Tara and Stina has always fascinated girls, nowadays videos are the only content that I have no problem getting more than a hundred thousand views on YouTube. And it is similar on other social media. He is followed by over 600,000 users on Instagram, and he is involved in pspvkm, which is essentially insignificant. His photos are usually commented on by about fifteen profiles, and by following him you gradually grow to fully interact with them.

On TikTok, where it is the easiest of all social media to get attention, Tara’s popularity has declined. He is watched by more than a million users, even though his two videos have a very small percentage of users. His last videos have just under 20,000 views.

It seems, however, that Tary did not do anything at close range. His work is basically the same as the previous ones and cannot be separated from the usual content in any way. In addition, he invested his money from YouTube in real estate, of which he owns about twenty.

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