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Society has not been so polarized in a long time as it is in the case of flip phones. For a certain part of users, these are devices that, for various reasons, they cannot tolerate, so they use the umpteenth generation, but for a certain part, these are phones that they see as absolute nonsense. They flaunt the price and lower resistance, but the truth is rather somewhere in the middle. Jigsaw puzzles definitely they are not for everyonehowever, they find their target group and can defend themselves.

The term folding phones collectively refers to hybrids of the “book-like” type as well as folding clamshells

Foldable phones are currently the highest level of smartphone development today, and have been on the market for several years. A number of brands have steadily included folding phones in their portfolio, and successor models gradually they eliminate the shortcomings of the first generations. The situation is still not ideal. In this article, we will show you the five biggest reasons why it is advisable to reject, or at least postpone, an investment in a foldable phone. However, at the end, we add two reasons that might “confuse your head” a little.

Display to body aspect ratio

No matter what mobile phone manufacturers tell you, a foldable phone is always about compromise. Whether we are talking about folding “books” or “caps”, practically not a single phone has a design that is designed universally and 100% without errors. In other words, mobile manufacturers have a much better chance of reaching a wide range of users with a classic touch “cake”, which people are used to, than a phone with a non-traditional design, in which the so-called still looking for the golden ratio.

The ideal form of a foldable smartphone is still being sought. Each of the manufacturers chooses a different aspect ratio of the external display, which also depends on the diagonal of the internal folding panel. This aspect ratio looks the best so far, although, a hundred people, a hundred tastes…

The fact that manufacturers have not yet found the ideal shape of jigsaws can also be seen in the significant disproportions of different types of devices. Some brands of book hybrids prefer a display stretched to the height, others have a more square aspect ratio. The lids are typically elongated due to the display, but they can also be distinguished by the shape of the external display. It may have the same aspect ratio as conventional smartphones, but will you even have a reason to open the phone?

Non-standard display aspect ratios are also a separate chapter. If you play a movie at the clamshell, the edges of the display will be filled with black columns. With hybrids, this is an even more noticeable problem. Square displays and wide-angle content just don’t go together. In the end, you will find that the real size of the image when playing videos in an open state compared to a normal display increased only slightly.

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With clamshells, the hinge bites into the space for the battery and at the same time is signed under the overall thickness of the foldable phone

However, the use of a hinge means that we have fun in the closed state about relatively thick devices. Thickness is another necessary compromise along with the weight and size of the folding phone. In most cases, you or your partner have to adapt to the folding phone. get used to non-standard matters. You have nothing else left.

On the next sheet, we will look at unsightly translations of the display.

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