He painted Jean-Claude Van Damme, now the painter from Klato met him


He devoured him in every action movie and now he met him. Klato painter Petr Hájko’s dream came true.

Jean Claude Van Damme with Petr Hájek.

| Photo: archive of Petr Hájek

He is known to paint pictures of famous people, he often meets them, but he never expected to meet in person Jean-Claude Van Damme. Although the biggest dream is still waiting to be fulfilled.

Belgian hero action movies Jean-Claude Van Damme visited Prague and met his fans as part of the Night with the Legend. Thus, the dream of many came true, men devoured his films for their combativeness and women were impressed by his appearance. Among the lucky ones was a painter from Klato who also painted it. The meeting was unforgettable for him. “It’s hard to describe the feeling when the poster boy you’ve been devouring in every one of his movies shakes your hand. You never dreamed you would ever meet him, let alone take a picture with him. It’s hard to find words,” Hájek confided.

Jean Claude Van Damme in a painting by Petr Hájek.Source: archive of Petr Hájek

His dream came true, but the biggest one still remains a dream. “For me, the biggest wish come true would be to meet another such icon, which for me is Arnold Schwarzenegger,” said Hájek.

His paintings are owned by many well-known personalities, for example Dagmar Havlová, Štefan Margita, Jaromír Jágr, Dominik Hašek, Přemek Forejt, Attila Végh, Václav Noid Bárta and many others.

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