Where did the singer with the angelic voice Enya go? She lives in luxury in a castle, instead of a man she has cats

Where did the singer with the angelic voice Enya go? She lives in luxury in a castle, instead of a man she has cats
Where did the singer with the angelic voice Enya go? She lives in luxury in a castle, instead of a man she has cats

In the nineties, she shone on the top of the world charts, collected one music award after another and sold millions of albums. But staying at the peak of popularity is not easy. What is Irish solo singer Enya up to today?

Who doesn’t know Enya, the most successful Irish solo singer of all time? The hits Orinoco Flow, Caribbean Blue and Only Time were humming all over the world in the nineties. She has sold more than 80 million albums in her career, more than only the legendary band U2 in Ireland, and her fortune is estimated at £100 million. She gained another volley of fans with the soundtrack to the film Lord of the Rings, in which the song Let It Be was heard, for example. It even earned her four Grammy Awards and an Oscar nomination.

However, the shy singer could not bear so much fame and after her life’s success she disappeared not only from concert stages, which she had always avoided, because performances stressed her and she loved silence, but also from all public events.

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This decision stemmed from her childhood. As a child, she was very shy and reserved. She didn’t want to hang out with her peers and liked her peace and space. She was able to lock herself in her room for several long hours, during which she played the piano and sang. At that time she learned to be alone and saw it as a joy.

Growing up among eight siblings, Enya considered silence a luxury that she tried her best to take advantage of. Although she loved her siblings, she did not want to move in their company and proximity.

I’m too dedicated to my music. Some people think it sounds sad, but trust me, I’m happy.


She did not want to appear in public

Although some might think that the successful singer held several concerts a year, the opposite is true. When she had to perform, she always made an excuse. She tried not to show much in public, and earned her finances mainly from sold CDs.

In 1997, she bought Manderley Castle in Ireland, which was built to mark Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne, and has been avoiding people ever since. He often doesn’t even see his own family. She is only kept company by a few cats and employees. According to the locals who wanted to see the castle, the singer should take care of her safety above all. Several security cameras, a special entrance gate and large lighting are being set up around the castle.

Attack by a fan

Since 2005, the singer has been protecting her private life even more. It was then that she was frightened by a meeting with a fanatical fan who broke into the castle, tied up one of the housemates and searched for Enye, who meanwhile was hiding herself in one of the castle rooms. From that moment on, the former star disappeared from the public eye completely, and today we hardly know what the singer looks like.

“My closed lifestyle irritates a lot of people. I don’t need someone else’s opinion. Not wanting to go to nightclubs is not a crime.”


She is still single

According to available information, Enya is single and not looking for love. In one of her interviews, she stated that if she wants to be happy, she must stay alone. Although she has had several relationships in the past, she finally stated that she found true love in her music.

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