Tom Etzler: I’ve been drinking a lot in it, I’m provoking to death! I go to therapy


Tom Etzler presented his new book Novinem vn 2 in the middle of the evening at the Rock Cafe. Many fans arrived at the event, but only a few TVs.

For example, the actor Zuzana Stivnov, the legendary hockey goalie Dominik Haek and Etzler’s famous brother, the famous actor Miroslav.

Miroslav Etzler with Zuzana Stivnová

the journalist, who in the middle of his career was associated with CNN and Czech television, had a roughly one-hour talk at the company and then signed autographs for fans.

I wonder how many people drank here today praised Naden Etzler, who provided Expres with a very open probe into the world. On the water, Tom Etzler described in detail how he went out on his own.

Tom Etzler

for foreign newspapers, they are very important. I spent many years among wolves. In Ireland and in Afghanistan, but it was the darkest workplace where I worked. There was nowhere to hide. I was arrested twenty times, we had a bug in the newsroom and at home. It was stressful working conditions. Smog, vude indestructible, it was not easy. I consider my departure to her to be the biggest professional mistake, says Etzler, who does not rule out that life outside is full of books.

I can write a book in the form of short stories, but I need to take a break from it. He said the book would be about the United States, where I spent 14 years and there were so many interesting things, an experienced journalist revealed.

Miroslav Etzler with his brother Tom

I drank a lot there, now I’m craving alcohol. I’m provoking you on Twitter

Etzler takes writing as a form of therapy. He now admitted to the Express that, due to what he had done in the Asian country years ago, he even had to seek the help of a professional

The therapist told me that I have lived 5 lives and I have to learn to work with them. Psan aux. It is a form of self-therapy. After that, I needed intensive therapy, because I thought I was suffering from post-traumatic syndrome from the lifts. I wanted to do it professionally. Now I only see you at someone’s place once a month, confessed Etzler, who doesn’t hide from the darkness, even banished depression with alcohol.

I drank a lot in n. When I was coming back from the lifts, so on. The stress somehow compensates. I used alcohol as a sedative. One psychologist told me that mankind has not invented a better way to calm down, but alas, there are side effects and I am aware of them, so I think about it. I drink alcohol for several years. I’ll probably have a beer today, Etzler said to the editor of Expres at the time.

The newspaper likes to provoke its haters on social media X (two Twitters), where it often does not take napkins. He is mainly involved in politics, which he is not exactly in love with. Some of his critics often state in the comments that their statuses are under the influence of alcohol. But Etzler various or.

I’m a provocateur, I enjoy it, it’s fun. On Twitter, however, I’m provocative. The only thing that the overwhelming majority of my critics have against me is that I plowed again and hurt myself. Don’t have anything else, not this crap My name is Etzler, whom I love to go to and fro.

Threaten to bust my mouth on my peduncles, but he’s nowhere to be found. I’m not worried about myself, but I’m worried that someone won’t spoil the show for the people who wanted to listen to me. However, nothing of the sort happened. Nobody ever confronted me on the street. On the contrary, people stop me on the street and thank me, uvd Etzler.

Because of his tweets, in which the journalist insulted the influencer Jordana Jirsková, Etzler got into trouble and even appeared in court.

I called her pro-Kremlin svolo, and I stand by that. She was wary of that court, but she was really spreading pro-Kremlin propaganda. It’s a slur, but it’s not vulgarity. I’m jet sun. She (Jirskov) requested an apology, which will be suspended for 6 months and 20,000 crowns from that, which the court accepted, and the apology was only supposed to be suspended for 3 months. But we appealed and the trial will be on December 7, Etzler revealed to him, who was supposed to be supported by his first child.

Watch the whole interview in the video. Among other things, Tom Etzler spoke about his relationship with his brother Mirek.

The article is in Czech

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