Matthew Perry refused to play the unfaithful Chandler

Matthew Perry refused to play the unfaithful Chandler
Matthew Perry refused to play the unfaithful Chandler

Chandler Bing was originally supposed to be involved in a scandal where he cheated on his girlfriend Monica Geller. That’s how the end of the episode, which in the English original is called The One in Vegas: Part 1, appears here, the episodic character of hotel maids, who serves Chandler at the hotel after he had a fight with Monica.

Chandler and Monica had a falling out in Vegas because she went to lunch with her ex-partner Richard. In the dream, Chandler will order hotel service, I’ll bring it to him, we’ll talk and laugh together, and Chandler and I will end up cheating on Monica, explains Lisa Cashov, who had to play the character of the maids.

We had it rehearsed and prepared. But on the day of the performance in front of the audience, Matthew went behind the scenes and declared that the fans would never forgive Chandler for their infidelity. And maybe he was right, he added.

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox in the series Ptel

So the scene with the infidelity was finally tied to Mr. Perry’s scene, and the role of the maids together with her. Lisa Cashov also appeared much later in the series, as a flight attendant on the plane that Ross and Rachel were traveling on.

The actress said back that Matthew Perry behaved very badly and apologized to him for talking about work because of me. Today, I agree with the fact that the actor’s advice to see the scene with the actor was 100% the right decision.

The series about six young bees from New York was originally broadcast in 1994 and 2004, but due to its popularity it still appears on television today.

The founder of Chandler died on January 28, 2023 at the age of 54, he drowned in his house in vivka. No drugs were found at the scene of the tragic event, according to the death of the actor, no one gave it. Some news servers speculate that the cause of death was a heart attack. Perry struggled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout his life.

The actor’s life took place in Los Angeles, surrounded by family and friends. Last farewell at Forest Lawn Memorial Park near the Warner Bros. studio. his colleagues from the series also arrived.

VIDEO: The remaining Ptel also arrived at the movement of Matthew Perry:

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