The Killer, Robbie Williams and the new season of For All Mankind. Also several animations –


Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has been breaking records like on a treadmill during his solo career. Twenty-five years later, he remembers his young self and the long years he spent in the limelight. The Netflix exclusive miniseries offers four episodes about the pop icon.

Evaluation 75%

  • Documentary series (2023)
  • 4 episodes (new from 8/11/2023)
  • CZ subtitles
  • Netflix


The lone assassin is the best in his field. When his employers come after him, they find out for themselves. Legendary director David Fincher scores again with one of the best thrillers of the year.

Evaluation 76%

  • Original title: The Killer
  • Thrillers (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Netflix

For All Mankind

What would have happened if the Soviets and not the Americans had been the first on the moon? The USA does not want to give up and intends to continue the space race at any cost. There is already a fourth season of the extremely successful sci-fi on Apple TV+.

Click for larger image

Evaluation 79%

  • Sci-fi series (2019)
  • 40 episodes (new from 11/10/2023)
  • CZ subtitles
  • Apple TV+

Super Mario Bros. in the movie

Siblings Mario and Luigi dream of running the best plumbing company in New York, but so far it’s not working out so well for them. Everything changes when, by chance, they get into a magical kingdom and find out that they have to save the world from the conqueror Bowser. The legendary Nintendo video game comes to life in a faithful adaptation for children and lovers of gaming nostalgia.

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Evaluation 74%

  • Original title: The Super Mario Bros. Movies
  • Animated films (2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Sky Showtime


Mark Grayson is a normal teenager, except that his father is the strongest superhero in the world. After his seventeenth birthday, even Marko begins to show strange abilities, so it’s time for him to join his father’s side in the fight against injustice. But it won’t be that simple. One of the roughest and most iconic series of today returns for a second series.

Click for larger image

Evaluation 89%

  • Original title: Invincible
  • Animated Series (2021)
  • 12 episodes (new from 3/11/2023)
  • CZ subtitles • CZ dubbing
  • Amazon

Other interesting titles on streaming services

Onimusha – A legendary warrior with a demonic weapon that devours souls must quell an uprising of bloodthirsty zombies. Will he succeed? (72%) • Netflix

Click for larger image

Locked In – The nurse tries to find out how the unconscious patient got her injuries. Apparently, behind them is vicious enmity, infidelity, betrayal and even murder. (60%) • Netflix

No big deal – Were we the best in covid? Who had the plan: humanity or the virus? In the documentary tragicomedy, the creators collected strong stories of people from different areas, captured bizarre images of the crisis and thus created an absurdly funny report about our society. (76%) • HBO

Quiz Lady – Brilliant but uptight Anne is obsessed with a competition show, and her loser sister must figure out how to pay off her mother’s gambling debts. Together they go on a wild ride across the states to raise money by winning a big money quiz. (68%) • Disney+

007: Road to a Million (007: Road to a Million) – Hollywood producers of Bond films come up with the show 007: Road to a Million. Nine pairs of ordinary people embark on an amazing adventure around the world where they face a series of Bond challenges and the chance to win £1,000,000. • Amazon

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