She ran amok on the stages as a ufon, a viking and a diver from Verneovek –

She ran amok on the stages as a ufon, a viking and a diver from Verneovek –
She ran amok on the stages as a ufon, a viking and a diver from Verneovek –

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Singer Jana Uriel Kratochvílová celebrated her 70th birthday this year. The eternally vital artist is known not only for her unmistakable voice, but also for her extravagant models and make-up. You can see a selection of her wildest outfits in the gallery.

40 years together

Singer Jana Uriel Kratochvílová could be considered the Lady Gaga of the Czech music scene, as she is a personality with an eccentric, unmistakable style, as well as a distinctive voice. Your song In the shade of the fernwhich almost everyone knows, she sang before her emigration from communist Czechoslovakia in 1983.

Thanks to her characteristic voice and constant effort not to go with the crowd, she started her career in England, where she won a number of music awards. About a year after her departure abroad, Jana was followed by her partner Jiří Georg Hrubeš, the then drummer of the band Žlutý pes. Jana and Jiří form an inseparable duo to this day, they are partners not only in private life, but also on music stages, for 40 long years.

A spectacular concert

Jana Kratochvílová returns to the Czech Republic from time to time and always causes a stir with her extravagant models and make-up, which gives her the appearance of a being from a planet outside our solar system. Now the famous singer visited Prague again, in the Lucerna Great Hall christens his brand new CD Now & Then and of course she will also perform during the spectacular concert for her eternal seventeenth birthday, where the editorial staff of will also be present.

Among other things, Jana Uriel Kratochvílová is also famous for her unceasing vigor and eternal optimism. She claims that this is not only due to the fact that she and her partner are sworn vegans, but also fasts. “We keep fasts, each for three weeks. The longest I lasted was forty days! After that I had so much energy that I levitated! I felt like I was floating,” said Uriel in an interview for

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