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Galerie Tančící dům collaborated directly with Czech Television on the exhibition, and as curator Jana Emma Somerová admits, it was not at all easy to find and prepare everything: “There are really very, very, very many dresses, and the space and composition do not allow to show the work on a wider scale. Even so, all years, all eleven ranks of this competition are represented here.”

“You can always see the dress of the winner of each line, so every designer has their line represented,” added Somerová.

The works of Klára Nademlýnská, Taťana Kovaříková, Hana Kopecka or Roman Šolec can be seen. The originals from their workshop were lent to the exhibition by the Czech Television costume studio.

Photo: Milan Malíček, Law

Exhibition Dresses that dance

“There are 60 costumes here, which will also be changed, so it is possible to see something new all the time. In addition, visitors can see in detail the materials from which it was sewn, and we also offer a look at how the stars make up,” added the curator.

Memories of past series and a link to this year’s series

Accessories such as gloves, jewellery, shoes and hair ornaments are also on display. The costumes at the exhibition will be complemented by photos from live broadcasts of the competition or audio boxes with examples of dance music.

Make-up artist to the stars from StarDance: VIPs come to us to calm down before dancing

The exhibition will also include a link to this year’s series of the competition. “Tereza Kostková’s costume will be here, she lent us about eight dresses, and one or two will be here from this year’s twelfth series. But we also have Mark Eben suits here,” said Somerová.

Visitors will see the suits of actors Roman Vojtek, Jiří Dvořák and actresses Jana Plodková, Anna Polívková or Kristýna Leichtová.

Photo: Milan Malíček, Law

Dress of the actress Kristýna Leichtová

“This dress is right out of the jingle,” Leicht said. “We had them with Anna K. But you can’t dance or walk in them. We were in them on stilts and suspended in seats on ropes, and we spent two days like that at four meters,” the actress recalled.

One of the first participants, actress Jana Švandová, also remembers StarDance. She also has her mark on the exhibition. “Then I went into the unknown. We were there with Václav Vydra and we wondered what we were getting into. Marek Eben told us at the time that it would be a famous show,” she said. “Today it’s sports performance, we couldn’t afford that in the middle age, which is from forty to infinity,” added the actress.

Vondráčková dress from Polish StarDance

In the exposition, we also managed to display the dress of the singer Helena Vondráčková, in which she danced in the Polish version of the StarDance competition in 2007,” added Robert Vůjtek, director of the Dancing House Gallery.

Photo: News

Helena Vondráčková danced in a black dress in Poland (third from the left).

“I remember the Polish version of StarDance very fondly. It was something different from what I was used to,” Helena Vondráčková told Novinka. However, she has not yet performed in the Czech version of the competition.

“I was a little sad,” the singer admitted. “However, I performed there once with my then-new hit Samba. So at least I sang there,” she added. She also admitted that she is an occasional viewer of this year’s show and has her favorites. “I liked how Richard Krajčo danced, he’s smart. I also liked Iva Kubelková,” added Vondráčková.

The gallery also thought of the little admirers of StarDance and prepared several interactive games for them. A show called Dresses that dancewill be open from November 10, 2023 to February 25, 2024.


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