REVIEW: As he ages, he discovers a portrait of a witch named Helena

REVIEW: As he ages, he discovers a portrait of a witch named Helena
REVIEW: As he ages, he discovers a portrait of a witch named Helena

Helena Vondrkov sang a respectable 1,780 songs during her career, which is celebrated by the preparation of a traditional concert in Lucerne. First, the musician sections, or rather the ernobl archives with contemporary styling, represent the strongest side of the otherwise conventional concept, vi the main actress and the scrupulously considerate chronicle.

Vondrkov has a collection of trophies, including platinum records, in his home. Many traditions trace his own journey back from the twelfth-year-old piano player to the famous trio with Vclav Neck and Marta Kubiová Golden Kids.

How those years… I remember fondly, sums up a promising example, when the western countryside opened up to them, not the occupied tanks. I escaped destruction thanks to the fact that I was allowed to go abroad, but I did not invite emigration.

They are very careful around the Kubis, until the return of the Golden Kids in the 90s, Vondrkov took us into the house on a joint tour, Marta and I unfortunately did not agree, there was not even a word about filing a complaint.

Reisr Ivo Macharek always takes the path of least resistance, with lengthy first-person references. Two dreams come true, only a sad princess, a walk around the Castle of the Night on Karltejn, with the song Malovan dbnku, she goes to Sopot, where she won the festival.

I can ride in the boat from Sopot, I will take a break; other people then come to speak with his court design, and from the mid-1980s, the dog festival in Rio de Janeiro goes to the show Ein Kessel Buntes, which Vondrkov moderated at the time.

I knew languages, we deserved it only through our work, rejecting any political background of all foreign entry for normalization. She did not sign the Anticharta: I was just in Poland.

The same self-proclaimed documentary, Helena vypodě, is a private darkroom of the Vondrkovs. I don’t have children, I make up for it with other things. I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean it, I just said.

Even the first marriage changes smoothly, but the courtship with Martin Michal leads from a long wedding ceremony to an expensive idyll on the court and on the water. It’s as if the portrait turned into a defense of his choice of partner in front of his family, especially in front of his brother; the mutual split is just a pitch and leave.


55 %

Rei Ivo Macharek

In short, I don’t have anything disruptive or painful in the video, but it will fit a manra of one song session from various performances, based on the hit song Sladk mmen and Dlouh noc, the musical Bdnci and Carnegie Hall with Karl Gott, based on the song nco wow.

After the film page, a documentary resistant to any impulse, surprise, mistake, emotion and at least new information was born. Above the average, it is the music alone; natst Helen Vondrkov it under zpv nramn.

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