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Karlnsk Theater lk for the most straightforward play in Esk: Leave the children at home, dear actors!


It hasn’t been here for a long time! The Karln Musical Theater will present the crazy comedy The Sopranos, which the creators and protagonists are excited about. Born and vigorous individuals, however, will not be happy. The play is peppered with vulgarisms and vulgarities. It is therefore a question whether to introduce children and sensitive individuals to this at all.

On the one hand, precise singing, music, sets and a non-traditional concept of space, where the actors both play two floors above each other. Aside from the other, a continuous stream of vulgar and lascivious humor, so far beyond the edge of taste that even the most hardened scumbag would blush, summarized the crazy comedy The Sopranos, which was presented five years ago by an inocher club, one of the reviewers on the website

The line used to be interesting, but was dampened by a lot of unnecessary vulgarisms. Otherwise, I appreciate the singing and acting efforts of all the young ladies, I would especially like to highlight the performance of Anna Fialov, Veronika let herself be heard.

I think that after removing the vulgarity, without the affectation and the kick, it could be a very successful show, from which the audience would not leave after a while, she added.

Marta Dancigerov also shines in The Sopranos.

The protagonists of the play in ele with Eva Bureová, however, agreed at the press conference in Karln that the difficult decisions have not decreased, on the contrary, the audience must prepare for them and deal with them. They are so unpleasantly surprised.

Maybe we could advise families, and ask if their children can see it, the actresses smiled.

Eva Bureov will play the Sopranos.

Marta Dancigerov will play the Sopranos.

Berenika Suchnkov also shines in The Sopranos.

Anika Fialov surprised me with her comedic talent and Tereza Makov showed that she really deserved her role in Superstar. The play is a sunny relaxation even when the vulgarity was a bit too much for him, summed up the game in the Anah outdoor club.

According to what was heard at the press conference, the comedy did not undergo significant content changes, so it will be a similar ride in Karln. Perhaps with the only difference that Tereza Makov does not play in the new version…

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