Marvels mega movie in theaters. His director studied in Prague


Comic book lovers beware. The Marvels blockbuster is now in cinemas. But this filmmaking effort is closer to the Czech Republic than you think. As? This is what reporter Lucie Králová found out in an exclusive interview for Life in the Stars with director Nia DaCostová.

​Captain Marvel returns to the scene again. But this time she won’t be alone to save the world, her abilities are linked with her biggest fan Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel and her astronaut niece Monica. The quirky trio must join forces and learn to work together.

The film was directed by the successful American filmmaker Nia DaCostová, for whom it was her first experience with a blockbuster from the Marvel studio. “It was a really big challenge, but I had a lot of great colleagues who helped me create everything. So it was up to me to figure out how the Marvel system worked to help me and bring my visions to life. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of learning, ” said the director exclusively for Nova.

She is said to have asked every previous director of Marvel films for advice. “It’s a really great community, so it was easy to reach out to them and ask for advice,” she added.

It was clear that there would be minor complications when working on such a Hollywood blockbuster, but the director tackled her biggest challenge yet. “I think movies are really hard, but in a good way. I really enjoyed it. I think the hardest thing was the transition to the new process because every studio has its own way of thinking, so I had to learn,” DaCosta described .

Apparently, when you are surrounded by a good group of people on set, the work goes hand in hand. And it looks like Nia couldn’t ask for better protagonists. They remained friends with the representative of Captain Marvel, actress Brie Larson even after filming. “Brie is so funny and Sam Jackson is a legend. I just learn from them,” added the director.

And who knows, maybe another film by director Nia DaCostová will take place in Prague, because the director knows the place very well. “I studied abroad, so I lived in Prague for four months. I was at FAMU for one semester. It was on the 20th anniversary of the revolution. So I really know a lot about Prague, there are really good restaurants there,” she concluded.

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