Gordon Ramsay has a son! Wife Tana gave birth to a sixth child


As an amazing birthday present, Gordon Ramsay writes about the birth of his last son on his Instagram profile. However, the married couple managed to hide their latest pregnancy from the public. Back in September, Ramsay hinted that he would like another child, but immediately glossed over it by saying that he would be a very old father, and also that the children would have to take two buses to school…

The birth of the last son of Jesse James Ramsay was a gift for the 57th, which the cooking celebrity celebrated on November 8. And it seems that the number of children in the family has definitely closed with this. Well, at least it can be read from what the famous chef added: “It’s a bundle of love for Ramsay’s group. Three boys, three girls… done.”

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Gordon Ramsay is an uncompromising boss in the kitchen. Without it, he probably wouldn’t have 16 Michelin starsPhoto: Profimedia.cz

The Big Ramsay Family

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana already have six children as of yesterday – eldest daughter Megan (25), twins Jack and Holly (23), daughter Tilly (22) and son Oscar (4) and newborn Jesse.

The family could have had one more son – in 2016, Tana had a miscarriage in the fifth month. At that time, she confided to journalists that there was a problem with pregnancy, as she suffers from polycystic ovaries and Gordon has low sperm count, apparently due to his demanding job in a hot and stressful environment.

Maybe it was because of this experience that they were so careful and kept the last pregnancy a secret.

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Gordon Ramsay has six children with his wife Tana. They lost one more when Tana miscarried in the fifth monthPhoto: Profimedia.cz

Rich Ramsay does not spoil children

No one doubts that the family can handle another child. The famous chef, holder of 16 Michelin stars, is a very rich man. His property is estimated at more than 200 million dollars, so he would support many more children… But Ramsay does not spoil his offspring, they are able to take care of each other, help with younger siblings, which was confirmed with four-year-old Oscar, who is said to be for his age very mature and independent. He even started making his own snacks for kindergarten because he didn’t like the food there.

The youngest children were bought by the Ramsays because they can’t stand the situation when the oldest children leave their native nest and stand on their own two feet – at least that’s what they said in connection with the birth of Oscar.

Photo: Gordon Ramsey’s Instagram

Although they kept the pregnancy a secret, they boasted about the birth of their son James on social media quite quicklyPhoto: Gordon Ramsey’s Instagram

In short, the children hold!

Even though the children grow up in a family that is very financially secure, Gordon Ramsay keeps them pretty short. No unnecessary luxuries or spending money – when they travel, they travel in economy class, because according to their father, they don’t earn for themselves yet, and therefore they have to be modest – but he and his wife treat themselves to a higher class! Also, a visit to their father’s luxury restaurants is a very special experience for them, which they will indulge in only when they grow up, because small children will not appreciate such food anyway…

The children received and receive pocket money, but they also always had to go to temporary jobs, and they know in advance that after Gordon’s death, not all of his property will fall into their laps, but only such a part as to give them the basis for, for example, buying an apartment. In one of the interviews, he stated that everyone will receive a quarter of the amount that must be deposited as a down payment for the apartment, but otherwise that money will not spoil their character.

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There’s a big age gap between Gordon Ramsay’s children – this is what his middle daughter Holly, who is 23, looks like Photo: Profimedia.cz

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