The main character Natalia Germani arrived with her daughter in a baby carrier –

The main character Natalia Germani arrived with her daughter in a baby carrier –
The main character Natalia Germani arrived with her daughter in a baby carrier –

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Actress Natalia Germani (30) shone as the main character in the film Her Body, which charts the life of former scuba diver and adult film actress Andrea Absolonová (†28), who died in 2005 of brain cancer. At the gala premiere of the expected drama, Germani arrived with an unexpected company. She took her little daughter Vesa with her, as can be seen from the photos from the editorial office.

In August actress Natalia Germani a daughter was born, whom she and her husband Martin Valihora (47) named Vesa Valihora, as iDnes reported at the time. The couple has an even older Zuna together. And the tiny daughter also appeared at the gala premiere of the new film Her Body, where Germani plays the main role – former diver and porn actress Andrea Absolonová.

Germani chose a black dress, red lipstick and combed hair for the premiere and looked really great. She was smiling in front of the photographers and you could see that she was in a good mood. Behind the scenes, however, the actress has become a professional mom.

Smiles from ear to ear

She put her daughter in a carrier and walked with her around the Lucerna Cinema. And it could be seen that even her colleagues are excited about her adorable daughter, which is evident from the photos from the editors of Take a look in the gallery.

Germani enjoyed the evening in the company of fellow actors, but her husband was absent from the premiere. The actress enjoyed the event until the evening hours, as the editorial office of captured, leaving the place only at 11:50 p.m. Lucerna, a friend, had to help her from the stairs in the Cinema with the pram in which she had little Vesa.

The tragic story of a promising athlete

The film Her Body tells the story of the twenty-three-year-old athlete Andrea, who is preparing for the Olympic Games in Atlanta. However, during one of the training sessions, she injured her spine and her career suddenly ended. But the desire for success will lead her to a career as a porn actress. Just as she controlled and used her body in sports, she uses it while shooting porn films under the stage name Lea De Mae. He has fame, money, a comfortable life, independence.

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