Where are Bobby from Dallas and Mzl from Ordinace digging: Taclk (mon) peil tsunami!


The whole family broke up with Eduard Novotn in Marek Taclk’s house after his body was washed away by a tsunami when he was fishing in Thailand. It was his closest hope that he might be naive. He starts dating each other by text message saying that Eduard is still alive and on one of the foreign islands.

For Alice, it is a vision, a hope that wants to see. The moment there is even a hint that he might lie to him, he is sure that he must find out the truth, and no matter what, serilov dj Sabina Laurinov revealed.

When I read it in my dream, I was curious as to how the screenwriter wrote it, because anything can happen to me in a serial. Never know, only cars added the actress.

Serilov’s daughter Michaela Pechkov as Sid was in a similar situation. I read those dreams and remembered how Marko and I laughed so hard. Mostly probably during the times when Sid was hiding from mom at the zoo and mom was covering her. Marek hasn’t been around for a long time and I have to say that I haven’t seen him since. I thought that for a while I would only remember you, she knew

Does Marek Taclk go to the Zoo?

Does Marek Taclk or Eduard go to the Zoo? Sabina Laurinov aka Alice would definitely be in favor.

How will things turn out with Eduard in the end? I love these outside scenes where Sid fights with his mom. I play with Sabina for a long time, it’s a good park. Same with Jana vandov. It was nice that Marek showed up there like that. Why and how did Alice and Sid deal with it in the end? I won’t reveal it, don’t worry run to the Pechkov Zoo.

He will soon find out if Taclk aka Eduard also has nine lives, just like a coke. And that’s how Bobby Ewing from Dallas or Estmr Mzl from the Ordinace came to the level of the gardens, which the creators of the series turned into children…

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