Anna Slovkov: I joined from the beginning

Anna Slovkov: I joined from the beginning
Anna Slovkov: I joined from the beginning

We met at the corner of the calendar Mue of the year and Andla among the nurses. You yourself and the nurses called in front of the lens. How was it?
It’s definitely a nice experience, not standing alone in front of the lens just like that, for nothing. When a hunter knows that it’s for a good cause and it’s with the heroes of the republic, it’s always great. In addition, they had a good time, the organizer David Novotn did a good organization and production again, so it was a beautiful day.

It is also a pleasure to photograph the material for your new album, which you have released.
It’s our kind of baby with a band that we just picked up and wore it for quite a while, not nine months, not until the light of day. I’m happy aside, how great the response is to the album, how many people have ordered it, how many people are listening to it. A lot of them give me feedback, that’s a dream come true for a musician.

The new album came out at the same time as yours announced in a big interview for the weekly TMA that you are fighting cancer again. Was it necessary for the public to see it?
That’s why they would drink to it anyway. There’s not much you can do to prevent those visual changes. Considering that I shared it first, the illness, I didn’t want to lie to those followers or fans who crossed my fingers and play some kind of game with them, pretending that everything is fine. That would go against my guts and who I really am.

Even when I put it out and people asked me about the first cancer in interviews, it was difficult for me not to answer it, because I wanted the record to be a people-eater first. I have spent a lot of time, energy and energy on these pages. And I didn’t want the news to overshadow it here. I wanted us to finish the work we had been working on for a long time and not to let the information that I was sick again get mixed up in it.

Dagmar Patrasov, Felix Slovek, Anna Julie Slovkov and Felix Slovek young (2023)

Anika, how did you set up your brain to be able to function at all the moment the unpleasantness was first communicated to you?
The day they confirmed it to me, I broke down and cried. But then I thought to myself that there is no point in having any bitterness and negation about it. I just thought, life goes on. I’ll probably have a complicated time with my head and the hospital, but I’ll try to get back to normal as quickly as possible, be healthy and be here for others. And especially for herself.

Can anyone help me with a word and a caress?
That’s hard to answer because I don’t know how to take these things very well. I think there are a lot of other people in the world who need it more than I do. I am very grateful for the love and support I have received. I don’t want to blaspheme at all. It is really beautiful and I am impressed by it every day.

But I’m sure that if everyone focused their thoughts like this on the people passing through it, or even on some global crisis, the world would be a much nicer place. And for you, not even a single day of bad things in life or in the world would happen. But I would probably be very naive. Thank you very much for the long overdue support. But sometimes it’s worth it and it can’t be fulfilled.

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