Czech Social Awards. Nikol Leitgeb received a special award


The Czech Social Awards have been given out for ten years, because whether you like it or not, social networks they are powerful. They are a bit like fire – they can be a good servant but also a bad master. And those who can do it with them use their power in the right way – they entertain others, educate them, advise or help them. He deserves admiration and praise.

The prize went to Leitgeb and Strakatý

A number of online projects were awarded – for example, the Nesnězeno platform, which tries to ensure that food is not wasted. On the YouTube channel called Jirka explains things, journalist Jiří Burýška discusses the various mysteries of the universe, everything related to nuclear weapons and reveals various historical points of interest.

In any case, he won the main prize of Influencer of the Year Čestmír Strakatý – journalist and podcaster. He specializes in author interviews, which definitely don’t just scratch the surface. She then won a special prize Nikol Leitgeb for being able to use social media not only as a source of livelihood, but also to powerfully help those in need.

Fashion from the world of influencers

Of course, the Czech Social Awards weren’t just about prizes, it was also a big social and fashion event. And especially the ladies tried hard. A number of them bet on literally shiny models – for example, the presenter of the evening dressed in silver Zorka Hejdová or a model Simona Krainová, which is also at home on social networks. Model and president of the Miss Czech Republic competition Tatyana Makarenko she opted for black and her silver ankle boots could not be missed. And Karel Janeček’s wife, a businesswoman and philanthropist, also allowed herself a subtle sparkle Lilia Khousnoutdinováwhose green dress was definitely one of the most fashionable of the evening.

And Nikol Leitgeb? She opted for men’s style and wore a gray pantsuit, but that was definitely not a mistake either. The casualness and simplicity suit Nikol perfectly, and a big evening, shine and glitter is not always a necessity. But even other well-known and influential ladies in the online world did not underestimate their outfits and looked fabulous. After all, you can judge for yourself.

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