What’s up with his face, fans ask. Zac Efron has a “head like a balloon”, but denies plastic surgery

What’s up with his face, fans ask. Zac Efron has a “head like a balloon”, but denies plastic surgery
What’s up with his face, fans ask. Zac Efron has a “head like a balloon”, but denies plastic surgery

Zac Efron surprised his fans with his atypical appearance during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Efron is currently promoting his upcoming new film The Iron Claw, which depicts the life of professional wrestler Kevin Von Erich, and the public has noticed that the 36-year-old actor has a fuller jawline and altered face. The apparent change in his appearance has once again caused a stir and the curiosity of thousands of people on social networks.

Efron tried to explain the transformation of his face back in 2022. At that time, he claimed that it was the result of an injury to his lower jaw after hitting his chin on a granite fountain. After the injury, he says, the chewing muscles on the inside of his face and jaw “compensated” for the injury, causing them to grow – hence his remarkable transformation. This statement followed in response to speculation about his use of plastic surgery.

Zac Efron also said in the interview that he had no idea that his jaw had become a big topic on social media again. He only found out when his mother called him and asked if he had undergone any surgery. However, he fundamentally rejects this and denies that he has ever gone under the surgeon’s knife.

Speaking recently to Entertainment Tonight on the occasion of his role in The Iron Claw, he detailed the hard work he put into transforming himself into a professional wrestler. “It was shocking at every stage of the transformation,” Efron stated. Because of the new role, he had to exercise daily and gain massive muscle mass.

Efron will portray Kevin Von Erich, a member of the legendary Von Erich wrestling family, in The Iron Claw, which was based on true events. Kevin Von Erich was personally present at the premiere and Efron was sure to appreciate his performance: “This movie is a true story, and the man, Kevin Von Erich here, really motivated me to get in shape for this movie.”

Hollywood plastic surgeon Gary Motykie also commented on his jaw and body transformation:“Based on Zac’s on-set photos, I strongly suspect testosterone use. If Zac is on testosterone, it may very well be possible that he has developed a phenomenon called TRT face. The so-called moon face when taking testosterone is a side effect that involves water and sodium retention in the body, which manifests itself in swelling and puffiness of the face. This phenomenon often occurs after long-term or high-dose testosterone replacement therapy,” Dr Motykie told The Mail.

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