Golden Swan: Irena is determined to share her suffering with everyone


Petr and Markéta are eternally in each other. There is no family idyll to speak of. Irena got her way and outwitted the doctor. The treatment was successful, it seems. Clouds are gathering over Gruber. His wife is ten times worse than Markéta. And more dangerous. Hess brings the unhappy news to Gruber.

Petr is again angry with Markéta that she knew about the arrest and didn’t tell him anything. The Germans really kicked it off in style and people like Mach, who was in the legions twenty years ago, got on their rosters. Of course, Petr is willing to defend his loyal employee, but it is becoming more and more difficult and Gruber’s demands are greater.

Marek came to warn Bára. Kamil, who turned himself in, is no hero and will speak. Then everyone who helped him will be in danger. Marek wants to run away with Bára, but she doesn’t want to go anywhere and can’t even imagine that she should leave the girls and Peter. But he is in danger not only because of Kamil, but Gruber still insists that Petr finally decide whether to hand over Irena or Bára to him as the murderer responsible for Marta’s death. And he is not going to be bribed in this matter.

Irena pretends to be cured and managed to trick even the doctor. Lukáš congratulates her and foolishly hopes that he will have back the wife he dreamed of. But Irena misleads him. She does not forget and will pay back with interest to all those who contributed to her suffering during treatment. And he also has Lukáš on his list. At the same time, he explains to Alena that they cannot see each other anymore, because she would not be able to withstand any more electric shocks. Poor Alena doesn’t even have the chance to tell her that she is clear about the murder of pianist Marta.

Old Pulkráb talks to Martin, and even he certainly wouldn’t bet on the fact that his son would behave like a hero during torture and not reveal anything. This clearly shows Martin that not only he is in danger, but also everyone else who knew about Kamil.

Eva and Bara | Source: TV Nova

Eva returns home, but he does not have the best memories of his involuntary stay with the Germans. She escaped the transport at the last moment, thanks to the intervention of Gruber, who used his influence. It won’t pay him much in the end.

At the fashion show, Irena makes sure that Eva brings the bouquet to welcome Gruber. The German woman is in shock because she thought it was a foregone conclusion that Eva would already be taken by train to a concentration camp, far from her husband’s favor. Gruber leaves and does not intend to forgive her husband. She threatens him again that she will get rid of the child and he will not have any offspring from her. Hess also appears in this and has for Gruber a summons to initiate disciplinary proceedings due to unauthorized interference in the investigation regarding Eva Dušková.

Alena finally got to Irena and found Lukáš at her place. She could no longer keep the revelation of Martin’s killer to herself. He hopes to save Bara by doing so.

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