She revealed what prevents her from marrying Dopita –

She revealed what prevents her from marrying Dopita –
She revealed what prevents her from marrying Dopita –

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It’s been some Friday since Agáta Hanychová confirmed her relationship with her former love Miroslav Dopita. And since she recently showed the ring on social networks, fans thought that the couple even got engaged. But it’s not like that. Agatha refuted the speculations about the engagement and it seems that she will never get involved in the wedding again in her life. She briefly explained the reason to the website

Agáta Hanychová is currently enjoying life with her old love Mirek Dopita. He came into her life at the exact moment when she was going through a nasty breakup with Jaromír Soukup. He not only soothed some of her wounds, but also helped her a lot in the household and with the children. Therefore, it is not surprising that Agatha’s fans wish that Kryšpin’s parents would end up together for good, if only for the sake of their son.

Agatha in the program Extra Guest

Agatha no longer wants to be ringed

And even though Agáta herself would probably like it, probably without the rings. The influencer does not rush into a second marriage. Although she recently showed a ring on her social networks, it does not mean anything. “No, it’s not a wedding ring. I have this ring for Mia, I’ve already explained it about a thousand times,” said Hanychová on her Instagram.

Agatha does not want to get married yet. “I certainly wouldn’t go to any wedding, because divorces are terribly expensive for me,” explained Hanychová for Before that, she was married to actor Jakub Prachar, with whom she has a daughter, Mia. The divorce with him cost her the family cottage, among other things, and she had to buy her land twice.

At the same time, she was probably alluding to breaking up with Soukup, with whom she has the worst relations so far, and they are planning to go to court over their daughter Rozárka.

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