Transgender storm in Big Brother: I would give the win to a gender change, announced the girl from the British version


At first glance, there is nothing recognizable about her. She looks like a pretty ordinary teenager who likes to paint herself, dress up nicely and share her privacy on social media.

Even her Big Brother housemates didn’t recognize that something was different with Hallie Clarke. That she was actually born a boy, she revealed unexpectedly right in front of the cameras and in front of the whole nation.

“I feel like I wasn’t 100% authentic yesterday. I thought I’d let everyone know that I’m trans if you didn’t already know. I just wanted to say it loud and clear. So: I’m a transgender woman, in case you didn’t know,” Hallie said.

She surprised the other contestants, but in a good way. They ran to her, hugged her and praised how incredibly brave she was.

The young girl suddenly became the favorite to win, she also received positive responses on social networks. Of course, not from everyone, but her mother began to feed her story behind the walls of the villa. In one of the programs she was invited to, she talked about the bullying her child was experiencing at school.

When Hallie came back from holiday in girls’ clothes, she was said to have been attacked by classmates, beaten and kicked while shouting at her that she was a boy.

During the competition, a young transgirl even let it be known that if she won and received more than two million dollars in prize money, she would use it for an operation that would completely change her gender. So far, Hallie has only undergone hormone treatment.

Despite the great wave of solidarity that came to her, this did not happen in the end. The young contestant eventually left the competition as one of the first after only twenty-one days.

However, she is clearly ready to make the most of the fame she gained by participating in Big Brother. She gives various interviews and talks about her life story and the problems she experiences as a trans woman. For example, gender dysphoria, i.e. a discrepancy between biological sex and gender identity.

“I have days where I look at myself and I feel beautiful, and then I have days where I look at myself and trans issues come up. I know I’m not a man, but I look at things that I consider masculine, for example, and that makes me feel insecure. It’s more like body dysmorphia, but it’s something I have to learn to deal with,” for example, Hallie stated.

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