Everyone reveals themselves under stress! How horoscope signs react to crisis and under pressure


The stars do not control the life of anyone or anything – each person is responsible for his own destiny. Astrology is a language of symbols and must be understood as such. And just like the language of symbols, it can help to understand other people’s thinking, actions, feelings and motivations. Or even better – to understand yourself.

Sun sign they only tell a small part about the character. However, to a greater extent, their influence is manifested in crisis situations, when the ego bubbles to the surface, in astrology symbolized by the placement of the Sun in the horoscope. And under stress and pressure, people tend to behave precisely according to the character of their sign and thus choose their defense strategies.

No general horoscope predetermines anyone’s life. Sun signs are only symbols of certain archetypes. You know similar ones from fairy tales and myths, and they are embodied by film and novel heroes. In this presentation, it is a certain set of probable characteristics and abilities. It is only up to each individual and his personal will, which he uses and which he abuses. Remember: The stars advise, but do not determine your destiny!


Aries may get angry, but they can win even a previously lost battle. There are no better crisis managers. He will always show courage, bravery and the ability to fight for justice and for others. However, under stress, their innate impatience and explosiveness will show in full beauty. At the same time, they usually have a tendency to take everything personally and get offended easily. Restlessness, haste are typical signs Aries exposed to pressure. Moreover, they believe that other people’s opinions and needs are the same as their own, which may be an advantage in crisis situations, but more of a complication in everyday life.

  • Personalities: Tomas Bata, Nikita S. Khrushchev, Otto von Bismarck, Helmut Kohl


Bulls react with heavy-handedness, but choose practical strategies. In crisis situations, their practical and realistic approach often pays off, as does their strong persistence, with which they reliably finish the work they have started. However, their clumsiness also manifests itself in stress. More than once they are unable to move from their place and change something. Materialism, conservatism and sometimes laziness are evident, which can grow to the point of complete apathy. Maybe that’s why they are Bulls repeatedly exposed to many adverse changes in their lives – they have to learn to adapt to them.

  • Personalities: VI Lenin, Saddam Hussein, Karl Marx, Nicholas II, Maria Theresa

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Above all, earth signs can get out of crisis situations with their diligence and tenacityPhoto: chef, Shutterstock.com


Geminis create chaos at first, but then think rationally. They know very well what their head is for – they are fundamentally guided by reason. Based on facts, knowledge, tested concepts and without emotions, they can adapt to the situations that arise. However, if they are under pressure, they almost always act chaotically. They are very restless, nervous and insecure. Outside influences compete with their inner torn personality. In this overprinted then Gemini they often change their once-made decisions.

  • Personalities: JF Kennedy, František Palacký, Donald Trump


Crayfish hide, but instinctively choose the right path. Their great instinct can tell them the right and, above all, the safe way to solve difficult situations. Crayfish they are very tenacious, they never act directly, but they achieve their goals. Under pressure, their shyness and tendency to run away to the safety of something familiar and past is manifested. However, fondness for the past can also lead them to the need to return to old pains and sorrows, to get bogged down in old problems. They decide not to speak, withdraw into themselves and suffocate those around them with their moods.

  • Personalities: Princess Diana, Olga Havlova, Karel Gott


Lions dramatize everything at first, but then they shine. Great organizers, at great historical moments they show their greatness and ability to lead others. They encourage and motivate with their strong self-confidence. However, many under pressure Lions they react childishly and offended. It stems from their mistaken belief in their own magnificence as well as an innate susceptibility to flattery, suddenly making them even more boastful and competitive than usual. They dramatize the situation, exaggerate, start showing off. More dominant personalities also become quite domineering.

  • Personalities: Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Ford

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Many people need to talk about their sorrows and problems. Communicated concern, half concern still appliesPhoto: My July, Shutterstock.com


Virgos dig, but they are able to find effective ways. They are extremely efficient, always striving for the optimum. With small costs and with a minimum of work, they achieve the greatest possible benefit. In problematic situations, however Virgins they like to criticize and dig. They find fault with everything and everyone. They also like to play the role of martyr and ostentatiously dedicate themselves to what others have refused to do. They will hear criticism even where there is none. More sensitive types are also subject to excessive self-criticism and worry unnecessarily.

  • Personalities: Jan Masaryk, Meda Mládková


Libra is confused, but also comes up with an acceptable solution. Even under pressure, they are very creative, creative and enterprising. Thanks to their improvisation, they can come to an agreement with others in any, even the most complicated, situation. However, their vulnerability lies in their need for social recognition. Under stress Scales they turn to others as their mirrors to read in them the answers to their questions and attitudes. They need reassurance about their procedures. They can’t be straightforward, and their effort not to marry or please everyone can lead to flattery.

  • Personalities: Mahatma Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Vaclav Havel


Scorpios love stress, so they cause it. There are no tougher, more capable or more combative individuals. Scorpios are usually unique role models and great leaders for others in crisis situations. However, when under pressure, they can be overly possessive, jealous and vindictive. Interestingly, they basically love stress, they can even become addicted to it, so they often provoke it with their behavior. Only Scorpions they can unleash true hell in a single moment and out of the blue. They tend to love or hate blindly.

  • Personalities: Lev Trotsky, Robert F. Kennedy, Vlasta Chramostová, Marta Kubišová, KH Mácha

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For some people, stress is even beneficial – they perform at their best under pressure, but even they should remember that too much of anything is harmful Photo: MilanMarkovic78, Shutterstock.com


Sagittarians convey a belief in happy endings. They give others great joy from performance and movement, they know how to inspire and motivate. They give faith and hope. Shooters they tend to believe in the best possible option and overlook obvious flaws in their plans, which are associated with the habit of overestimating themselves and others. They can be carefree and carefree under stress. He believes that everywhere else is better than right here and now. Some will have trouble keeping their emotions in check, others will be prone to live life in an eternal search and journey for the truth.

  • Personalities: Winston Churchill, JV Stalin, Klement Gottwald


Capricorns only believe in black scenarios, but they can get out of them. They take responsibility for others quite naturally and won’t rest until the job is done. However, under stress, there are no more stubborn, pessimistic or more uncompromising beings on earth than they are right now Capricorns. A negative attitude and snobbery are typical for them. According to them, everything must turn out really bad, of all the bad scenarios, they believe in the blackest. Under pressure, they always deny themselves, work hard and show the world that even the worst situations can be overcome with work.

  • Personalities: Mao Zedong, Martin Luther King, Empress Sissi


Aquarians steal fire from the gods for humanity, but they pay for it. They know how to free themselves and others from all limitations and inhibitions, they can elevate the extraordinary above the ordinary, the unique above the masses. However, under pressure, they turn into “well-oiled machines”. Only Aquarians they can completely forget their feelings and emotions in crisis situations. Without compassion or empathy, they serve a great cause and are willing to put their lives on the line for it. They also have difficulty fitting in with the crowd or with a subordinate role.

  • Personalities: Ronald Reagan, Bozena Nemcová


Pisces are escapist, but their sense of connection will get them out of a crisis. A fine feeling for connections, which they can intuit with certainty, is their great weapon in crisis situations. They can always come up with something powerfully inspiring and creative. However, under great stress, they react distractedly and awkwardly. Their tendency to run away and sometimes to seek solace in addictive substances is common. Situations in which their partners seek this comfort are also common. Fish in fact, they act as a medium and very often attract problematic types of people into their lives. Their typical defense strategy is inactivity.

  • Personalities: George Washington, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, Josef II., Mikhail Gorbachev, Steve Jobs

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