Next week in the Street: Brawl and smash, big school


Next week, Ulice will offer practically everything imaginable. Dramatic moments full of tension and fear, a scandal from the school desks, comical situations, a poorly kept first love and a cold relationship, which may be warmed by happy memories.

Evžen’s skirmish with Luďek and crash

Hana Šmýdová did not bring anything good to Evžen’s life. He hoped that he had put the past far behind him and would never have to go back to it, but his ex-wife just wouldn’t let him go. Gradually driving an increasingly large wedge between him and Blanka, who still has no idea with whom she has the honor, so she feels sorry for sick Hana. He meets with her, tries to help her convince Evžen to communicate, but next week it all goes so far that he gets on Evžen’s nerves in an absolutely horrible way. Not only is it hanging over him now the threat of relapsebut even has a rough fight with Luďek, with whom he recently had an almost friendly relationship. What’s worse, even a wrecker will do! Who ends up in the hospital and why?

Sonia causes a ruckus because of the photo of Magda and Matěj

When a rather innocent photo of Magda and Matěj appears on a social network, suspicious Sona’s eyes light up. An initially harmless prank swells into a gigantic case, which could harm both the headmistress and the sympathetic student. Is this exactly Sona’s intention, or is she just trying to protect the school from inconvenience? It would not be the first time that he and Magda have completely different views on the matter. Accepting this plain lady without any empathy was probably not the best decision…

Encouragement for Vanda, her efforts will bear fruit

Vanda has many faults, but you can’t deny her determination and perseverance. She unwaveringly believes in a future alongside her beloved Luďek and is willing to prove to him in every possible way that she has changed. She has no doubt that everyone deserves a second chance if they’ve learned enough from their previous misfortunes, and that’s her case, after all! That’s why she doesn’t let herself be beaten and continues to use all sorts of excuses to see Luďek. Finally, it looks like her annoying stubbornness might be paying off. What will be the sign that things are getting better for her?

Vanda certainly does not lack perseverance. | Source: TV Nova

Michal does not hide his love from his parents for long

Recently, Vítek and Iva have been focusing a lot on Bruno, the new boyfriend of their older daughter Bára. At the same time, they completely forgot to notice that their son also learns the beauties and sorrows of love. But that will change now, when Michal’s suspicious behavior indicates that something is up. A youngster can try to mislead his parents all he wants, but certain things fall through anyway. What will be a funny but unenviable nightmare for Iva and Vítek?

Karla and Kryštof are moved by beautiful memories

It already seemed that there was nothing left between Karla and Kryštof except their mutual love for their sons. However, even the impending divorce and the ongoing marital crisis cannot change the beautiful memories they made during their happier days. For example, they once had an unforgettable date together in the forest – and that is exactly what they will be reminded of now. Is it possible that the bond between them still hasn’t completely disappeared?

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