StarDance for the sixth time. Who will be eliminated after dancing to the soundtrack?


During the sixth competition round, the dancing couples are transformed into movie celebrities. As part of the evening, for the first time ever, the contestant will not be accompanied by Martin Kumžák’s Moondance Orchestra, but by original recordings from famous cinematographic hits.

Jive, waltz and tango will be danced, and couples will also battle each other in a country dance in an original choreography by Marko Zelinka.

Record holders? Kubelková and Prágr

The dancers will again be evaluated by a strict jury consisting of Tatiana Drexler, Zdeněk Chlopčík and Richard Genzer. In the last, fifth round, for the first time, they awarded the maximum rating, i.e. thirty points, to the couple Iva Kubelková and Martin Prágr.

IMAGE: To jump behind the scenes of StarDance

“It’s amazing. Only now do I realize how special an event this is. Of course, we were already happy during the evaluation, but only now I think: Wow, top thirty. We are enjoying it, but it is clear to us that we will have to close the doors and start anew on Sunday. Next Saturday again from scratch with a completely different dance,” said Iva Kubelková for both.

Adamczyk is still leading

Eva Adamczyková and Jakub Mazůch, who received twenty-seven points from the jury last time, remain the favorites of the competition, according to punters.

“For me, the top three tens in this year’s row from the jury for Iva Kubelková was a powerful experience. For us, the main thing is that we were able to enjoy all the dances. I’m even finding that stage fright is coming later and later. In the first round, I already had stage fright at the dress rehearsal, now my knees only shake when I come to the dance floor. Which is not pleasant, especially when I have to focus on the “outstretched” knees, which are always in the crosshairs of judge Tatiana Drexler,” said Adamczyková.


On Saturday, November 18, the 6th round of the 12th year of StarDance will take place. Who do you think will leave the competition?

Marek Adamczyk and Lenka Nora Návorková

Eva Adamczyková and Jakub Mazůch

Vavřinec Hradilek and Kateřina Bartuněk Hrstková

Iva Kubelková and Martin Prágr

Josef Maršálek and Adriana Mašková

Darija Pavlovičová and Dominik Vodička

A total of 235 readers voted.

On the contrary, according to the tipsters, the couple consisting of Josef Maršálek and Adriana Mašková should have been eliminated a long time ago. They are kept in the competition by audience votes, as they traditionally rank last in the jury’s evaluation of their performance.

Finals in almost a month

“The whole thing is a big intense experience, which is constantly escalating with each piece. Hearing the support of the audience and the voices of colleagues who have been through the competition drives us forward. I wish everyone could experience it, for me personally it is very inspiring. It recharges me and I’m glad that I finally accepted the offer for the competition,” stated Maršálek.

The grand final of the competition will take place in less than a month, on December 16. The next round, the seventh, will then be charitable. None of the couples will be eliminated. The amount of money obtained will be donated to the Paraple Center.

The wheelchair dancers will become the patrons of the remaining five couples and they will all perform in the second part of the evening in the joint choreography of Marko Zelinka. Tango, rumba and quickstep will be danced.

Novinky and Právo are media partners of the event.

Participants and StarDance 2023 currently

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