Stay warm (and not only) all night: Where can you find the most beautiful winter and Christmas pajamas?


Spend all day in bed? During the cold months, such a plan literally offers itself. Whether you’re looking forward to a cozy weekend spent watching Netflix or you’re already thinking about what clothes you’ll wear to celebrate Advent or Christmas, spectacular pajamas should not be missing from your wardrobe. We know where to get this year’s best models.

We fell for fancy pajamas and elegant home sets already during the pandemic, and fortunately, unlike other lockdown habits, we have kept this love until now. A pioneer in the luxury pajama sector was primarily a Ukrainian-American brand The Sleeper, which built a brand on luxurious sets decorated with feathers. These are suitable not only for weekends at home, but also serve as a non-traditional party outfit. Recently, The Sleeper has expanded its offer with glittering ensembles with ruffled sleeves and 70s collars and nightgowns with a feather trim, which will easily replace the popular satin slip dress.

VIDEO TIP: Even pajamas have their history. See what women slept in in the past!

Another collection of stylish pajamas was prepared by the New York brand Chelsea Peerswhich tolerates bold prints with all kinds of animals. You can find their pajamas up to size 54, you can also buy soft bathrobes there, and you can also add a set for men to your basket right away. You can find the biggest offer on Zalanda or Asos.

Not even a brand should fall out of your fashion vision Damson Madder, which is mainly known for pieces with cute collars and bows – a bit of Danish Ganni with a British twist. From time to time, several models of pajama sets appear on their e-shop, which are so popular that they sell out quickly. However, if you catch them, they will bring you joy for many years.

What other brands can you get cute pajamas that are suitable not only for Christmas? Check out the gallery at the beginning of the article to learn more.

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