Actor Marek Adamczyk died in StarDance


six dancers performed jive, waltz and tango during the long joint evening of the twelfth year of StarDance. The team’s fight in country dance in the original choreography of Marek Zelinka was surprising.

As part of the film evening, this time the Moondance Orchestra did not accompany Martin Kumek at all, but original recordings of famous hits were played.

Actor Marek Adamczyk and Lenka Nora Nvorková were the first to enter the dance floor, dancing live to the song from the movie Top Gun. There were quite dynamic moments. Unfortunately, at one point Marko lost his footing, but Lenka somehow managed it, Tatiana Drexler commented on the performance.

Snowboarder Eva Adamczyková was accompanied by pi tango Jakub Mazch, they performed the dog from the animated film Rebelka. I’m excited, I’m sweating and dancing for Richard Genzer. In my opinion, you didn’t put a lot of thong in there. And what was there was not as compact as I would have imagined, criticized Drexler this time.

According to the jury, the model and presenter Iva Kubelkov and the dancer Martin Prger performed a breath-taking ensemble on the dog from the movie Legend of the Outside. It was a beautiful waltz. Ivo, you’re a talent, you’re fantastic, Zdenk Chlopk didn’t live up to the hype. Perfection was just a stone’s throw away, Genzer agreed.

Olympian Vavinec Hradilek and StarDance newcomer Kateina Bartunk Hrstková performed a kind of live evening to a song from the animated film Zpvej. It bothered me that it was not in rhythm, because of that, it was actually bad in the end, commented Richard Genzer. Today, for the first time, I felt that Vvro didn’t know it. It was all about music. You probably didn’t stop, added Chlopk. In the end, Hradilek received the fewest points from the jury for his performance.

On the other hand, Darija Pavloviov and the crazy king of the dance floor, Dominik Vodika, made the jury sweat with a dog waltz from the movie Shrek. It needs to fine-tune the flow of words a little, but otherwise it was great, commented the actress Tatiana Drexler. Nice English waltz, I was really captivated by vs Darijo. But you chose those streams, well. Better not ask, Chlopk advised.

Cuker Josef Marlek and dancer Adriana Maková performed a tango on a dog from the series Gangs from Birmingham (Peaky Blinders) on the last night of the StarDance show. You looked great at the dance. And so fantastic in that coat on the butt! The performance was very rhythmic. For me, it was the absolute best dance, commented Zdenk Chlopk. Excellent choreography and selected music. And you, Josef, look so self-conscious! It wasn’t much of a tango in my opinion, but that’s okay, added Drexler.

Darija Pavloviov and Dominik Vodika received the most votes from the jury for their waltz.

In the end, Darija Pavloviov and Dominik Vodika were the most interested in the jury for Saturday’s film evening, and the least points were given to Vavinec Hradilek and Kateina Bartunk Hrstkov. However, the audience finally decided with their votes that the actor Marek Adamczyk will not advance to the next round of the StarDance competition.

How did the StarDance jury vote?
Daria Pavloviov: 28 voice
Iva Kubelkov: 27 voice
Eva Adamczykow: 26 voice
Josef Marlek: 22 voice
Marek Adamczyk: 21 votes
Vavinec Hradilek:
15 voice

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