Kubelkov danced to victory in StarDance, but favorite Adamczykov stood in the way


Iva Kubelkov (46) lost her sight in the fifth round of StarDance. She danced samba practically at a professional level, and the jury agreed. According to the fans, the only one standing behind the way to the tournament is Eva Adamczykov (30), the favorite for the tournament. The snowboarder surprised with her dancing talent, wit and energy.

According to StarDance, Iva Kubelkov confirmed in the evening that she is the clear favorite at the competition. For the fierce Caribbean samba, which she danced alongside Martin Prgra, she won a single plaque from the jury. In the final ranking, she stood out at the very top with an incredible ten points.

In addition, he prepared a floor show for the fans. The model began to dance by the stove, then took off her homemade clothes, exposing her somewhat controversial body. In short, there was something to worry about. This was also noted by the jury the other day.

Tatiana is so excited and wants to point out, she hasn’t seen such beautiful hands in a long time, when you turn them off, turn them off and to the universe, Tatiana Drexler was clear. The boy declared Iva’s samba as excellent and as if from a dance court.

Iva Kubelkov and her dancing partner Martin Prgre created a classic of classics. For example, Iva opened her beautiful long legs.

It seems that the only one who could pave the way for the relationship is Eva Adamczykov. She became the most surprising of the whole series and gained a huge fanbase. No one knew how talented the snowboarder was.

In the fifth act, she performed the Korean cha-chy, but also performed the iconic Gangnam style. In short, Eva found incredible energy and won nine points from the jury.

Famous Czech Olympian Eva Adamczykov, born Samkov, and dancer Jakub Mazch performed a disco show.

Even though Kuba put me in the choreography, you dance with such energy that it’s admirable, said Zdenk Chlopk. Tatiana Drexler criticized the kneeling. The boy asked with the fact that the smoke does not fall out when the pipe is opened.

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