Harry and Meghan’s divorce is imminent. She just abused him, claims the expert

Harry and Meghan’s divorce is imminent. She just abused him, claims the expert
Harry and Meghan’s divorce is imminent. She just abused him, claims the expert

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry’s marriage is said to be in the final years. At least this is what the respected journalist Graydon Carter claims, saying that Meghan was only supposed to use a member of the royal family. Prince is said to be very saddened by the news and worried about what it will do to his reputation.

The marriage of the American actress Meghan and the British Prince Harry is said to not last long. “It will take years rather than decades,” royal expert Graydon Carter told the Daily Mirror. According to him, the American soap opera star used the prince mainly as a means to gain further visibility. A few days ago, she announced her return to Hollywood.

Speculation about the growing split of the famous couple was also strengthened by information about disagreements between Meghan and Harry regarding their possible residence in Great Britain. It is said that Harry misses his native country and therefore plans to buy a house there. According to the Express portal, his American wife, who does not have such good memories of Britain, does not like it too much.

According to a source close to Prince, the speculation about an imminent divorce was very upsetting. He said he was mainly worried about the impact it would have on his reputation. It bothered him, for example, that these words were uttered by Carter, who is a well-known journalist in the English-speaking world and “is extremely respected in social circles”.

“When Graydon Carter deals with issues like this, important people in important places are listening. It can have a ripple effect and greatly affect how their marriage is perceived and how their future prospects are perceived. Because those people assume, that he said that based on some specific information,” he told the Mirror.

However, according to the source, divorce is not on the agenda, at least for now. “Divorce is absolutely out of the question. They have children and, despite everything, they really love each other. It’s all very humiliating for them,” he claims.

The famous couple is also planning to buy another house. They want to build a villa in the American Malibu for 400 million crowns (9/2023):


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